If you’re a Michigan citizen and you protest Michigan Governor Whitmer’s lockdown orders because you desperately need to go back to work, there’s a good chance, according to her, that you’re furthering the spread of COVID-19 in one of the states hardest hit by the pandemic. But if you’re the governor of Michigan who’s standing side-by-side with BLM protesters during the coronavirus pandemic, that’s perfectly okay.

Today, Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that Justice for George Floyd protests, headed up by Black Lives Matter and radical terror group, Antifa, are the ‘perfect setup’ for further spread of COVID-19.

Daily Mail reports – Across all 50 states, Americans have been demonstrating for racial equality and justice in the wake of George Floyd’s killing – an unarmed black man who cried ‘I can’t breathe’ as white Minneapolis Police Department cop Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

After nearly two weeks of people demanding the defunding of police and laws to better protect citizens, Fauci has expressed his concern about the gatherings.

‘It’s a perfect setup for further spread of the virus in the sense of creating these blips which might turn into some surges,’ Fauci told WTOP radio on Friday.

‘I get very concerned, as do my colleagues in public health when they see these kinds of crowds,’ the coronavirus task force doctor told WTOP. ‘There certainly is a risk. I can say that with confidence.’

Like Dr. Fauci, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer also warned about protesters furthering the spread coronavirus in April.

When over 10,000 vehicles traveled to Lansing, MI in April to protest Governor Whitmer’s draconian shutdown orders, Whitmer held a press conference to admonish them, warning that they were spreading COVID-19 and putting others at risk.

Although most of the protesters remained inside their vehicles, the Democrat governor still threatened that their reckless behavior could extend the length of the lockdown.

Last week, on Monday, Governor Whitmer again, admonished Michigan citizens for taking unnecessary risks that could further the spread of COVID-19 by traveling to neighboring Ohio to get their hair cut. The Democrat governor told Michigan citizens that instead of traveling to Ohio to get their hair cut, they should “google” how to cut their own hair (go to the 2:40 mark) or put their hair in a ponytail. Whitmer also emphasized that outdoor groups of 100 or more are prohibited in Michigan.

Three days later, Governor Whitmer joined hundreds of protesters in Highland Park, MI, to pay tribute to the life of George Floyd. For Whitmer, it was an opportunity to showcase her support for black voters, as she ignored her own social distancing guidelines and stood side-by-side with protesters for photo ops.

Now that Dr. Fauci has warned about the protests furthering the spread of COVID-19, how many Democrat governors are going to prohibit large protests in their states?


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