Dr. Linda Lee Tarver is a Republican activist in Michigan. She’s a friend and a former Civil Rights Commissioner. She also worked for 29 years at the Secretary of State’s office as an election integrity liaison and community affairs director.

In her capacity as an election integrity liaison, one of her responsibilities assisted in te prepare cases for former AG Bill Schuette for the prosecution of voter fraud.

During her testimony yesterday in front of the MI Senate Oversight Committee, Tarver blasted the treatment of GOP poll challengers,

Tarver explained that it is a felony in Michigan to ballot harvest. “Ballot harvesting in Detroit, Flint, and Pontiac has been going on for decades,” she told the Senate Committee, explaining that ballot harvesting in Michigan is a felony,

“Ballot stuffing, ballot curing, and complete fraud in the issuance, handling, and processing of ballots have not been addressed.” She continued, “And no election in 2020 should be considered fair unless we get this right this year,” she warned.

“The complete hate, disdain, and apathy for Republican poll challengers is but one way of how elections are stolen in Michigan,” Tarver said as she looked at the two Democrat senators seated at the end of the panel. “Before COVID-19, she began, stopping only to make sure the Democrat Senators on the panel understood that she was directing her comments at them.

“The election inspectors and other election officials on duty shall protect in the discharge of their duties. Shall protect is not an option, she explained, adding, “It is never been done in the urban areas” in the 34 years she’s been working in the state of Michigan, “It has never been done!”

It also says in subsection 4 “A person shall not threaten or intimidate a challenger while performing an activity allowed. “It is a misdemeanor for what they have done, these uh, inspectors to continue to intimidate and throw out Republican poll challengers.”

Tarver then blasted the incompetence or willful fraud of Detroit election workers, 71% of our precincts cannot be recounted. As always expressed as minor clerical errors—these are not minor!” she warned, demanding that we need a complete forensic audit of the vote in Detroit by independent inspectors.

Watch Dr. Linda Lee Tarver obliterate Democrats in urban areas as she explains the many ways in which people in “communities of color” where people “who look like me” are committing voter fraud in every single election.

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