For researcher Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is a fraudulent scheme cooked up by the government Deep State and fueled by the equally fraudulent polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing.

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“There never was a [COVID-19] pandemic, never – and not even an emergency,” he wrote in a Substack post, agreeing with the sentiments of Dr. Michael Yeadon and Denis Rancourt. Alexander also denounced the “ineffective and deadly mRNA technology gene-based … vaccine.” All of this, he continued, was “designed to instill fear, strip freedoms, … [and] destroy the world.”

“Perpetuating the scary virus narrative … is inadvertently aiding the perpetrators,” said Yeadon, a former executive at Pfizer. Rancourt also shared Yeadon’s address to the British parliament on X, adding: “There was no pandemic. The vaccine was known to be toxic; 17 million have now died.”

Rancourt, an interdisciplinary scientist, explained that based on all-cause mortality data, most countries experienced no excess deaths whatsoever until after the so-called “vaccines” were rolled out.

“There was no particularly virulent pathogen whatsoever, there’s no evidence for it. There is nothing that is spreading that causes death,” he said.

“And then we moved on to the vaccines. We showed that as soon as a booster is rolled out to a particular age group – very rapidly, within weeks, immediately there follows a peak in all-cause mortality.”

Alexander DECLINES Big Pharma bribe

In a separate Substack post, Alexander recounted how he rejected a bribe offered by Pfizer to make him shut up.

Pfizer offered me $1 million and a $50,000 monthly wage,” he wrote. “Was this to stop me from writing and hammering them? I have had limited, patchy [and] broken income due to being canceled [and] smeared, [but still] I said no.” (Related: Anonymous writer exposes MASS MURDER committed by Aussie gov’t during COVID-19 pandemic.)

Alexander knew that if he accepted Pfizer’s offer, he would have become “muted” from that moment on. He explained that when someone works for any organization, they have to advance its narrative, vision and mandate.

“In this case, this is how people like me can be muted – and it’s done all the time [by putting] you on payroll. Bottom line is, I am a contrarian and will continue to question all the wrongs done since the start of this pandemic,” he said.

“Every single step by government [and] their task forces has failed. The vaccine has failed. It’s ineffective with negative efficacy and it’s not safe; it’s harmful. In my opinion, what I know indicates this vaccine must be stopped.”

Alexander stressed that both Big Pharma and Big Government who acted in this COVID-19 fraud – including Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel and former White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci – have the right to explain and defend their actions.

“But if we ever show these policies and decisions caused lives to be lost, then we will impose the harshest penalties allowable by law,” he said. “I am hurt financially [and] personally. We are a core of 12 [to] 15 globally who have stood up. [But] the  fight we are in goes beyond money. Money is not the key to life; there is something called a line of integrity that must not shift based on money.”

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Watch Dr. Paul Elias Alexander explain to Brannon Howse that COVID-19 was a government Deep State, PCR-manufactured fraud in the clip below.

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