Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum’s interview with Dr. Shelby Steele should be required listening for young people of America. If only he had spoken out sooner on the “White Guilt World” that uses blacks for votes.

Dr. Steele called out Joe Biden and the “White Guilt World” for exploiting “black pain” for votes. He says that people like Joe Biden are using blacks for their own “moral vanity”:

“We live in, for a lack of a better term, a white guilt world. What is Mr. Biden doing? Does he really deeply care about black America and the problems that we have, or is he using our pain as a kind of advertisement of his own moral vanity?”

“We end up as blacks dependent on what people like Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, American liberalism, what those things do. We in a sense are dependent on them, and we are trained and encouraged to see our opportunity through them.”

“What happened in Minneapolis is an obvious tragedy. But it is not something that is going to interrupt our greatness, and it tells us all the more clearly that we have to be the engineers of our fate. We have to be the agents of our fate in America.”

“We need to go with that, to like ourselves, to respect ourselves, and stop continually trying to solicit to the Joe Bidens of the world in that corrupt symbiosis with white guilt; thinking that that is our way ahead. It is not our way ahead…we are our own best resource.”

Steele says the victimization of blacks is sad and a sad way to think of yourself. Steele says young people should embrace their freedom in America.

The discussion goes deep into the history of black America and the collapse of the family. This topic has been avoided by most pundits because it points a finger at the black community and not at the target they want to focus on.

The entire interview goes to the heart of what’s wrong with the “White Guilt World” in a way that’s deeply honest and true:

Dr. Steele should speak out more often.


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