Dr. Milton Wolf seems to have take offense at the diagnosis of Hillary Clinton. He states in no uncertain terms that “Non-Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia” does not even exist. His argument can be supported by the fact that if that was indeed what she had then why the antibiotics that supposedly don’t help with bacterial type infections.

You may remember Dr. Wolf from stories of him being Obama’s second cousin. He has been featured on a few Mainstream Media shows to discuss many different things form his familial ties to Obama to his campaign for Kansas State Senate in 2014.

These screen captures are from his recent tweets concerning Hillary and her supposed diagnosis.

Is it possible that Hillary, her ‘doctor’, and her staff are all lying once again to hide somethin more disturbing, like a neurological disorder? Clinton is very aware that the DNC has had meetings to discuss replacing her as the 2016 candidate, even going so far as discussing the possibility of Obama taking a 3rd term, so it is well within the possibility that she is panicking and trying hard to cover the truth.

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Not that we expect Hillary to ever tell the truth about anything, but it would be nice to know if someone who may be running this entire country is possibly suffering from a disease that may cause her to not be fully able to use her cognitive abilities to the fullest when making important decisions for the American people.

In an ironic twist the YouTube link for this particular video clearly states that the two doctors featured have never even met Hillary.

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