Yesterday, independent journalist Tayler Hansen went inside a drag show in Dallas, TX where drag queens were performing for adults and children.

Watch what happens when one of the “nice” drag queens discovers he’s the same journalist who’s been going undercover to expose what’s happening inside the drag shows that parents are bringing their small children to as a form of entertainment:

As woke adults and educators are ramping up their efforts to make drag queen shows mainstream for kids, an actual drag queen who goes by the name of Kitty Demure is fighting back with a brutal message to these woke parents.

The outspoken advocate for protecting the innocence of children that are being placed in these adult shows by their parents offers a dose of reality about what goes on at drag shows and why kids have no business being anywhere near them.

“What in the hell has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them and admire them so much? Other than put on makeup, and jump on the floor, and writhe around, and do sexual things on stage,” Demure asks.

“I have absolutely no idea why you would want that to influence your child?” she says, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?”

“It makes no sense at all,” Demure says.

And then, she hits the parents with a big dose of reality, “A drag queen performs in a nightclub for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on—a lot of sexual stuff that goes on. And backstage—there’s a lot of nudity, sex, and drugs—okay? ”

“So, I don’t think this is an avenue that you would want your child to explore,” she concludes.


Wow! Major kudos to Kitty Demure!

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