In London, drag queens are putting on a cabaret show that is targeted at “parents and their babies,” specifically ages 0-2. The show is as un-family-friendly as you can get, with men wearing thongs and bondage gear while spreading their legs open and hanging from the ceiling.

The show, called Caba Baba Rave, was created by two moms who wanted to give other parents the opportunity to experience a “big London night out” while still caring for their babies. Instead of choosing age-appropriate entertainment, they decided that nearly-naked men would be the best option.

The Twitter account ‘Gays Against Groomers’ posted a video from one of these disturbing shows, saying, “The parents that take their children to events like this should lose custody of their children, and the companies and people that put them on should be locked up. Absolutely revolting.”

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In the video, one male performer is wearing bondage gear, tight shorts, and stiletto heels. He is hanging from the ceiling from leather straps as puts on a  sexual routine for the children.

Another male performer is wearing only a small thong as he spreads his legs open for the (very) young audience.

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The overlayed text of the screen-recorded video says, “No one is going to gaslight me and tell me to accept this sh*t in the name of inclusion.”

The video of the event targeting babies even has a CONTENT WARNING on Twitter because of its inappropriate content.

As the video of this performance went viral, there was an outpouring of criticism, causing “Caba Baba Rave” to put their Instagram on private.

One Twitter user pointed out, “If these were ACTUAL females dressed like this and performing like this for KIDS, people would be absolutely outraged -and rightfully so. The performers being male makes it no less inappropriate.”

The public hasn’t just launched critiques of the cabaret company. Many people have condemned the parents for exposing their babies to such a sexual, inappropriate performance.

Criticizing the parents who bring their babies to these sexual performances, one Twitter user said, “What parent (if we can call them that) in their right mind would subject ANY child to this? What damage is being done to this [sic] young minds; parents are there to protect children from this type of behavior. Why is this being allowed to continue????”

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