It won’t be long before the Muslims outnumber the Germans. That’s when the real fireworks are going to start flying…

Dramatic footage shows a refugee woman spitting at a horde of anti-migrant protesters who swarmed around their bus in the tiny German village where they are to be housed.

German police, who came under fire for violently removing refugees from the bus, have pointed to the video as proof that the new arrivals provoked the already frenzied mob.

The 20 refugees on the bus were the first to be homed in Clausnitz, home to just 800 people, where an asylum home has been set up for them.

The German government condemned the ‘cold hearted and cowardly’ mob that tried to stop them from taking shelter in the asylum centre, calling the episode ‘deeply shameful’.


Now police and eyewitnesses have claimed the asylum seekers deliberately enraged the mob as they alighted to their new home.
The refugees are said to have made cut throat gestures by drawing their fingers across their own throats – and one woman wearing an Islamic head scarf was filmed spitting at protesters.
Clausnitz mayor Michael Funke defended the protesters, saying many had turned up to see who was arriving to occupy the new asylum centre.

He said the police were forced to act when some children on the bus – scared of the 100 strong mob outside – refused to leave. Some of the refugees appeared to be weeping as they voluntarily disembarked.

One video showed a policeman grabbing a young boy and aggressively shunting him from the coach.

Local police defended the his actions, saying they needed to get them inside the hostel as quickly as possible as the situation became more tense.

They also claimed the youngster grabbed in the video was one of the ‘troublemakers’ who provoked the crowd by giving them the middle finger from inside. Via: UK Daily Mail


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