Judge Sullivan just delayed the Michael Flynn sentencing for 90 days.

It was a dramatic scene when Flynn admitted when the FBI came to visit him at the White House, he knew lying to the FBI was a crime.

The judge called Flynn a sellout to his country and was very harsh in his words to Flynn:

Judge Sullivan told Flynn that he will take into consideration his “years of service and sacrifice, and your cooperation,” but he can’t minimize the very serious crime: “Arguably, you sold your country out. The court is going to consider all that.”

The judge then asked about treason…Yes, treason!

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“You were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the National Security Adviser to the president! “

The special counsel said they had never considered treason.

The judge later walked back the treason comment after a recess.

Will Flynn be able to get a fair sentence with this judge?

It’s clear that the judge didn’t do his homework on two points:

He didn’t realize that Flynn stopped working for Turkey in November before President Trump was in office.

He also didn’t realize that Flynn was still a part of the investigation by special counsel so should not be sentenced until after Flynn is finished answering questions from the special counsel. 



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