Protesters were out in full force starting riots and causing violence as a result of the shooting death of Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by police. Kimmons was shot by police after he reportedly shot two other victims.

The videos we have from the protests/riots show one driver who plows through a crowd of protesters. The driver doesn’t smash into a lot of people as they finally get out of the way. However, one person was not so lucky. That video will be shown below. Other videos released are of Antifa protesters directing traffic and forcing people to go in certain directions, often the wrong direction that the driver needed to be. They also berated a woman in a wheelchair and were caught on film attacking cars as people were trying to get by.

Police did not seem like they were allowed to interfere with the bad behavior and it seemed like they were mostly watching from a distance.

The protests appear to have members from both Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.

The protesters are acting more like agitators and people who are not actually sad about the loss of life. They are acting irresponsible and going after innocent people for no reason.

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If they were preaching peace and tolerance, then I’m not sure what part of the protest that was about.

However, the following videos will show you the side that mainstream media sometimes doesn’t show everyone.

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I should warn you that many of these videos contain language that is not suitable for children.

“A driver plowed through protesters in downtown Portland this afternoon. Police say they have not heard from either the driver or victim yet.”

WOW! What is that person thinking? Get out of the way, please!
“Portland Protest Pt. 5 – #BlackLivesMatter ATTACKS an Old Lady in a Wheelchair!”

A woman is talking to them and they confront her, surround her, yell at her with a megaphone. It looked like she was trying to talk to them, but the protesters were so tone-deaf and arrogant that they just surrounded her and verbally attacked her.
“Protesters blocked the road and directed traffic where to go during the #PatrickKimmons vigil. Needless to say, it went off without a hitch.
[October 6th – 6pm – SW 4th and Harvey Milk st.]”

These protesters were blocking the road, then telling people they could only turn in one direction. Anyone who needed to turn left or go straight was basically forced into the wrong direction. Screaming matches ensued.
“Protesters Started a Riot in Downtown Portland! ????????????????
[October 6th – 4pm – SW 4th and Salmon]”

These protesters hit a car, then chase it down, yell at the driver, and hit his car again.
“Portland Protest Pt. 7 – Protesters Redirecting Traffic

#PatrickKimmons #BlackLivesMatter #PDX #Downtown #Antifa”
“Portland Protest Pt. 6 – Cops Disband as #BlackLivesMatter follows and chants “Say His Name” “#PatrickKimmons” after Disruptive Protester with Bullhorn ironically calls Eli Richey an “Instigator.” @HightowerPDX

#PDX #Downtown #March”

Noise, police, and chants erupt in this video.

About Patrick Kimmons’ shooting, per Oregon Live:
“Kimmons was shot shortly after 3 a.m. Sept. 30, when the Portland Police Bureau said Sgt. Garry Britt and Officer Jeffrey Livingston heard gunshots from inside their vehicles, parked near.

At the other end of the lot nearer to Southwest Third Avenue, there was a fight and a shooting, leaving two men wounded. Police then saw Kimmons turn toward them or head their way holding a gun, sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive.

The officers yelled commands and fired at Kimmons with their handguns, striking him in the upper torso and leg. Between the sergeant and officer, 10 to 12 shots were fired.

Police are awaiting forensic analyses from the state crime lab on a revolver found near Kimmons and four other guns recovered at the scene, but suspect Kimmons shot the two other men at the scene, the sources said.”

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