Joe Kennedy, a virtual nobody in the flailing Democrat Party (aside from his last name), gave an embarrassing response to President Trump’s powerful, pro-American State of the Union speech. Kennedy stood in front of a vehicle (conjuring images of his married Uncle Teddy, when he drove a young lady named Mary Jo Kopechne, over a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts, and walked away, leaving her to her drown inside the sinking car) and talked to a hand-selected crowd of clapping seals. Kennedy spoke about things like the “forgotten man” who, for the first time in decades, has been given hope by President Trump, as he brings jobs back to America that Democrats had written off, as the cost of doing business in a global world. He talked about the wall that President Trump is determined to build, to protect U.S. citizens from foreign invaders and terrorists who are illegally crossing back and forth across our borders with ease. With a majority of Americans demanding we build a wall on our southern border, young Joe Kennedy really missed the mark when talked about how his generation would rip it down.

Here is a portion of Joe Kennedy’s Democratic response to President Trump’s powerful America first speech.

It’s not very likely that anyone will remember a thing Kennedy said during his overly dramatic speech and easily forgettable speech, but the one thing anyone who watched it did notice was the bizarre wet marks around his mouth. The responses to his speech on Twitter were brutal.

We’ll start out with Andrew Damitio, who actually made me laugh out loud at his response:

This tweet was hilarious, as it mocks the selection of Joe Kennedy to give the Democrat Party’s rebuttal to President Trump:

“Foaming Joe” should be his forever name.

And, of course, there were numerous references to the car in the background, and “Uncle Teddy’s” little accident on the bridge in Chappaquiddick, MA:

The remark from Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick was especially stinging:

And this Twitter user was the first to coin #Chapstickaquiddick:

Quinton Jackson nailed it with his tweet about the choice of a Kennedy for the Democrat rebuttal, asking if this was supposed to be a joke, “First, they put a trust fund, rich white, privileged Kennedy in front of a car! Then they smeared chapstick all over his face and put him in front of a camera where he cried and drooled through some weak talking points.”

Some of the people on Twitter posted hilarious cartoons in response to “drooling” Joe:

Viewers weren’t sure what was more disturbing, watching Joe Kennedy drooling while crying in his response to President Trump’s brilliant pro-American speech or Nancy Pelosi moving her dentures around in her mouth.

Joe Kennedy tweeted a line from his speech and immediately got destroyed by a Twitter user who posted a picture of a massive wall around the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, FL.:

And finally, this Twitter user nailed it. Keep your eye on Trump’s Twitter account tomorrow, I think “The Columbia Bugle” could be right about his prediction:

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