I heard about this a couple of days ago and thought it was a joke. No, this is not The Onion or SNL but a true story coming out of Dallas. I honestly find this kind of unsanitary. That’s just gross when you’re at a restaurant…chest hair anyone???

Waiters in Underwear? A Male Version of Hooters Opening Up in Dallas

Yikes! The wait is almost over. Soon, the dumbest idea in restaurants will come to fruition as a penis-themed restaurant opens in the Dallas area.

Called “Tallywackers,” the slang word for a penis, the restaurant will thrust itself upon the metro area from a currently undisclosed location.


Their advertising campaign leaves little to the imagination. It’s a male version of “Hooters,” where sexy women wear tight, revealing tops while serving bar food to slack-jawed, dimwitted men.

In this version, I suppose the women are slack-jawed, but I imagine it would be out of disgust more than anything.

If the waiters are gay, straight women won’t go to the restaurant, only gay men. If the waiters are straight, it will be a mix of straight women and gay men. This is not a place straight men will frequent, so they have already lost a large portion of big spenders. Doomed to fail, or turn into a cover for gay sex prostitution.

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