Well this makes sense even if it’s only for a few hundred women. 

The Dutch Cabinet on Friday approved a proposed bill banning face-coverings in schools, hospitals, public transport, and other areas.
The ban does not apply to wearing a burqa or niqab on the street, but only “in specific situations where it is essential to be seen,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told the Guardian.
Rutte said the bill “does not have a religious background” and is only for the sake of security.
The Dutch government said in a statement on its website that the bill, which was drafted by Dutch Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk, “sought to strike a balance between the freedom of people to dress how they wish and the importance of face-to-face communication.”
The government also said it has officially withdrawn a different proposed ban on face-coverings in all public spaces, as it sees “no grounds” for it.

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