Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s a name I never thought I’d be discussing again: Dylan Mulvaney.

Do you remember him?

He’s the TikTok influencer who single-handedly sank the reputation of Bud Light with one viral video.

Now, guess what?

He’s asking for up to $40,000 to grace audiences with his presence on a college speaking tour.

Can you believe that?

This is the guy who’s planning on speaking on subjects like “female empowerment.”

The same guy who’s credibility was called into question after his disastrous stint with Bud Light.

Now, apparently, he’s graduated to empowerment speeches.

You’ve got to give him credit for his audacity, folks.

After all, his previous experience mainly involves social media trends and beer campaigns.

And now he’s positioned himself as an authority on female empowerment?

That’s like hiring a lifeguard to perform heart surgery.

But the real kicker is the price tag.

Mulvaney, according to his booking agency Crista Spadafore, is charging up to a whopping $40,000 to impart his wisdom.

He’s not even being coy about it.

He’s encouraging college students, many of whom are probably scraping by on ramen noodles and student loans, to shell out the equivalent of a down payment on a house to hear him speak.

More details on this stunning development below:

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot better ways to spend $40,000. Especially when it’s on someone who, frankly, has a questionable track record.

Who else would be delusional enough to hire him?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

But, for the sake of those students, I hope they realize that there are far more deserving and qualified people out there who could speak on “female empowerment” and a host of other important topics.

And hey, if all else fails, there’s always

YouTube and a world of free resources online to learn from.

At least that way, they can save their money and still get an education.

Breitbart has more details on the $40,000 speaking fees:

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok influencer, will be embarking on a college speaking tour soon and will be charging up to $40k in fees to talk on subjects like “female empowerment.”

Mulvaney announced the upcoming speaking tour in an Instagram story last weekend that encouraged college students to book speaking engagements through the agency Crista Spadafore.

“University and College friends! I am booking speaking opportunities for the upcoming 23/24 school year and would love to come visit,” announced Mulvaney.

Crista Spadafore confirmed to the New Guard that Mulvaney will be charging $40,000 in speaking fees. When speaking at the University of Pittsburgh earlier this year, Mulvaney charged $26,250 to speak. Mulvaney’s booking page with CAA says that the TikTok influencer can speak on a variety of topics, including “women’s empowerment.”

Can you imagine sitting through a lecture by the same man who single-handedly destabilized a classic American brand?

It’s like inviting a chef who botched a simple scrambled egg recipe to conduct a masterclass on gourmet cooking.

It’s almost as if he’s banking on the controversy to further his own personal brand.

His agent, in an interview with Young America’s Foundation, confirmed the outrageous fee. Now, the YAF, with their conservative leanings, has already made it clear that they’re not exactly fans of Mulvaney, labeling his fee as “exorbitant.”

Jasmyn Jordan, the chapter leader at the University of Iowa, summed it up quite nicely, saying schools should be equally supportive of conservative and liberal speakers.

Fair is fair, after all.


And here’s the twist in the tale. Back in June, reports suggested that Mulvaney was so scared of leaving his home due to the Bud Light boycott backlash that he was practically a recluse.

Yet, he still managed to attend some public events, including the Tony Awards.

Is this the same man who’s now emboldened to speak at public events for a cool $40,000?

It certainly adds a layer of confusion to this perplexing narrative.

The Bud Light controversy clearly took a toll on Anheuser-Busch’s sales in recent months, as documented by Knewz.

Customers, once loyal fans, initiated a boycott after Bud Light’s ill-fated partnership with Mulvaney.

So again, why are organizations and colleges shelling out $40,000 to have Mulvaney speak on “female empowerment.”

Instead, he should be a cautionary tale on how NOT to market a brand.

KNEWZ provides more details:

Mulvaney may book gigs soon after this year’s controversy over a partnership with Bud Light beer.

According to the Young America’s Foundation, Mulvaney’s agent says the price for a speech is $40,000. That’s up from $26,250 Mulvaney was paid earlier this year to speak in Pittsburgh.

The YAF is unlikely to show up for a Mulvaney speech except with picket signs. It leans conservative, and calls Mulvaney’s fee “exorbitant.”

“Schools should be just as supportive of bringing in conservative speakers as they are with liberal speakers,” said Jasmyn Jordan, chapter leader at the University of Iowa.

Knewz reported in late June that Mulvaney felt afraid to leave home, in the wake of a Bud Light boycott by some customers. Yet Mulvaney attended some public events in June, including the Tony Awards.

Knewz also has documented Anheuser-Busch’s loss of sales for Bud Light in recent months, as some customers boycott it for connecting with Mulvaney in April.

So, who’s willing to spend $40,000 to hear a speech by the very man whose actions led to such a PR disaster?

And more importantly, why is he even stepping onto the podium when he reportedly fears public backlash so much?

I guess time will tell, and we’ll be here, watching this spectacle unfold.

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