A month after the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, that put toxic chemical fumes in to the air and potentially the Ohio River, residents have a litany of issues unsolved with very few people, including the government, offering solutions.

The railroad corporation that is responsible for the derailment, Norfolk Southern, has so far only offered compensation to residents for the short period of time that they were forced to relocate while the toxic chemicals that were on the train were cleaned up.

The federal government initially denied assistance to East Palestine because Ohio Governor Mike Dewine did not declare the derailment a disaster.  He ended up doing so in February and residents have received limited assistance from FEMA.

Still, residents have expressed their frustration as people in the town have reported falling ill after the derailment and cattle and pets have gotten sick or died.

Residents had tense exchanges with Norfolk Southern at a town hall hosted by the company to address issues they are facing in the aftermath of the derailment.


The Daily Caller Reports

Tensions boiled over between frustrated residents of East Palestine, Ohio, and a railroad company official at a Thursday town hall in the East Palestine High School auditorium.

Angered residents pleaded with Darrell Wilson, a representative from Norfolk Southern, the company that owns the derailed train, who had arrived to answer questions at the meeting, The New York Times reported. Town hall attendees constantly heckled and shouted at him with demands to clean up the disastrous toxic spill and to evacuate them from the area of the Feb. 3 derailment.

“We are sorry,” Wilson told the residents. “We’re very sorry for what happened. We feel horrible about it.”

“Evacuate us!” one yelled.

“Get my grandchildren out of here!” another yelled. “If you care about us, get our grandkids out.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it had instructed Norfolk Southern to test for dioxins and toxic pollutants and also directed the company to pay for all the community cleanup connected to the spill. Residents unleashed their anger on EPA officials present at the meeting.

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