Now that the looting allowed by Democratic leaders has hopefully subsided, it’s clear that the minorities are the ones who are suffering the most from the economic destruction.

There is great irony in these “social justice” leaders letting their cities burn but then causing devastation and injustice for the very people they say they want to help.

These cities are overwhelmingly lead by Democrats and have been for decades. This is not the first rodeo for minorities who have experienced economic devastation from riots. The Watts riots in California and the Detroit riots are just two that destroyed their own communities.

The Star Tribune reports that the riots in Minneapolis have left “Minnesota communities of color devastated” and explains that “the spasm of violence following the death of George Floyd in police custody has destroyed numerous other immigrant- and black-owned businesses.” More than 170 businesses were damaged during the riots.

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One of many minority businesses that suffered was a firefighter who spent his life savings to open a bar in Minneapolis:

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President Trump tweeted out a heartbreaking video that should hit home for every American who has owned a business or knows someone who has worked hard to build a business.

The stand-down order in Minneapolis under a leftist administration made it possible for thugs to destroy the city and with it the dreams of small business owners. The looting accomplished nothing except create more joblessness and hardship for the community.

Watch the video below of a crying business owner who saw his life’s work destroyed by looters:

“I worked so hard to get here…So hard.”

President Trump also tweeted out the list of the Democrats in charge with the comment: “Time for a change.”

Photos below of destroyed small businesses on Lake Street in Minneapolis:

“Don’t forget your stamps.”

The minority communities need to remember this in November.

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