Ben Shapiro has an article posted in The Weekly Standard (a GOP elitist magazine that was staunchly anti-Trump) this month.

The article titled: “How Conservatives Can Win Back Young Americans” is the latest hit piece against President Donald Trump.

Shapiro begins his article with a dire warning about young Americans who are moving to the left…yawn!

“Polls consistently show greater warmth for socialism among millennials than their elders, greater sympathy for regulation, and less interest in protecting core constitutional liberties ranging from freedom of speech to freedom of religion,” Shapiro tells his readers.

We’re pretty sure most conservatives are aware of the liberal indoctrination our kids are getting in school, and most of us are not at all surprised by Shapiro’s claims.

Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire pictured in an anti-Trump video that was published nine months before the election. (Video can be found below)

But, when the guy who makes a living by publishing articles in the Daily Wire that appeal to Trump supporters, starts to mock and criticize those same Trump supporters, that’s when they begin to take notice.

Near the beginning of his article, Shapiro claims that “older conservatives” are “clutching the Trump presidency like a security blanket” and likens them to someone who is asked how things are going as he jumps off the top of the Empire State Building.

Older conservatives, clutching the Trump presidency like a security blanket, sound less like steady advocates for calm and more like the man questioned about how things are going just after jumping off the top of the Empire State Building: “So far, so good.”

Then Ben goes off on a tirade against Trump that could have been written by an “intellectual” in The New York Times.

Why don’t young conservatives like Trump? It’s a question that baffles older conservatives. To older conservatives, Trump has been a savior. He’s the president who cut regulations and passed tax cuts and ended the individual mandate; the man who moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; the lively character who takes the fight to the media and refuses to back down when slandered. Most of all, he’s the figure who prevented the ascent of Hillary Clinton. Sure, he tweets silly things from time to time, but his Twitter presence helped him win the presidency. Yes, he’s rough around the edges and impolitic; he’s crude about women and ignorant about policy. But he’s politically incorrect, and he speaks the language of the average American. What’s not to like?

Young conservatives, however, are more likely to see Trump as an obstacle to progress. Yes, they acknowledge that he’s pushed some great policies. Sure, they’re happy to praise him when he’s right, and they’re amused when he attacks members of the media over their obvious bias. But they see him mainly as a club the left can wield against the right in perpetuity—a political monster living under the bed that Democrats can dredge up every time conservatives seem to be making headway. They cite his egregious response to the Charlottesville alt-right march and subsequent terror attack and his willingness to wink and nod at the alt-right during the campaign; they point to his nasty comments regarding women, as well as his penchant for bedding porn stars; they cringe at his reported comments about immigrants and balk at his nearly endless list of prevarications.

Finally, Ben Shapiro calls on all conservatives to trash Trump openly like he has for the past three years.

First, and most pressingly, with regard to President Trump this means condemning bad behavior. Conservatives should celebrate every victory for their policies earned by President Trump; they should praise him to the skies for them. Conservatives should laugh along with Trump when he correctly attacks phony media coverage. But they should not humor him over his personal failings, proclaim him a David-like figure in the absence of David-like holiness, or shrug off his various imbecilities and vile utterances simply because they like his policies. Young Americans aren’t judging Trump. They’ve already judged him. They’re judging you and determining whether or not they can ever vote for the same candidates you endorse based on whether or not they admire your character. That doesn’t mean Trump can’t win re-election or win over young people. But that requires him to change his character, and it requires us to call on him to do so.

Young conservatives didn’t see the battle of 2016 as a battle in which character had already lost. They saw it as presenting a question about their own character. Were they willing to stand enthusiastically with a man they personally abhorred? The answer, by and large, was no. Young conservatives want to be able to tell their friends—all future voters, by the way—that they didn’t stand by silently when a candidate of their party said he could grab women by their private parts.

Shapiro’s second point was about how older conservatives didn’t trust Hillary and refers to Trump’s stunning win over Hillary as a “miracle of biblical proportions, the hand of God reaching down and plucking a reality TV star out of the realms of cornball theatrics and plopping him into the Oval Office in the biggest upset in political history.”

His third point was about the “risks” that older conservatives took by voting for Donald Trump, even after he “feigned ignorance about David Duke—providing a custom-made caricature for the use of young liberals.” Shapiro then made the point about how because Trump ignored Duke’s endorsement of his candidacy (which he later switched to Hillary) that young conservatives were being slandered and called “racist, sexist and homophobic by their comrades at school.”  Shapiro didn’t stop there, he continued to trash Trump over alleged remarks he made long before he ever ran for president. Shapiro wrote, “Young conservatives simply couldn’t understand how so many older conservatives were willing to dispose of key planks of the Republican platform to back Trump, or why so many older conservatives who had preached to them about personal values were suddenly gushing over a man who bragged about sleeping with other men’s wives.”

We recently attended the Trump rally in Washington, MI, where almost 40% of the 30,000 people in line were Americans we would consider to be the “youth” Ben Shapiro refers to in his article. We also attended Trump’s final campaign rally in Grand Rapids, MI (Michigan’s Bible belt) where were shocked to see so many young people waiting in line to see Donald Trump the night before the election. We’re not sure if Ben Shapiro’s ever been to a Trump rally, or if he gets his opinions from kids on college campuses, but we’ve seen it with our own eyes, and the support for Trump by our youth is off the charts.

Here are just a a few photos we took at Trump’s rally in Washington, MI only two weeks ago:

Shapiro’s anti-Trump article sounds more like a typical hit piece that one of my daughters have been asked to read by a liberal professor, to help them understand how misguided their support for our president is. If you don’t believe your liberal professor, that none of your friends like Trump, just ask the anti-Trump, Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, whose income is dependent upon Trump supporters who click on the pro-Trump articles on his website.

Things that make you go hmmmmm….

h/t Gateway Pundit

Here’s the anti-Trump video Ben Shapiro created to help discredit Donald Trump during his campaign:



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