The incident described below illustrates why so many Americans are fearful of the new effort to pass ‘red flag’ laws. Abuse of the law is easy (see the video below) and could cause any innocent citizen to lose their right to bear arms. Think about it. If someone wanted to create a situation where you could be falsely accused of something to cause the seizure of your guns, it wouldn’t be very difficult. The only thing needed in the case below was a tattling waitress in a diner who overheard a conversation.


Martha’s Vineyard police were able to use the controversial new ‘red flag’ laws to take an elderly man’s guns.

The 84-year-old Korean War veteran made an innocent comment to a friend at a local restaurant that caused the police to seize his weapons.

The American Mirror reports:

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Stephen Nichols was meeting with Edgartown resident Andy Marcus at Linda Jean’s diner in Oak Bluffs a couple of weeks ago when he mentioned that Tisbury School resource officer Scott Ogden often leaves his post as kids arrive to drink coffee at Xtra Mart, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

Nichols, who works as the school’s crossing guard, told his friend someone could “shoot up the school” in Ogden’s absence and criticized the officer for “leaving his post.” Those comments apparently unnerved a waitress at Linda Jean’s, who contacted the police to tattle on the elderly U.S. Army veteran.

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The police were called and then this outrageous incident happened:

He came up and told me what I said was a felony but we wasn’t going to charge me,” Nichols said.

The guns were turned over to Nichols’ son-in-law and Saloio also forced him to turn over his firearms permit on the spot, though the 84-year-old said he was given no receipts or paperwork to document the seizure.

“He just told me to hand it over so I took it out of my wallet and handed it to him,” Nichols said, adding that he’s never had a violation since he was licensed to carry a firearm in 1958.

“I’ve got no records of any violations,” he said.

The story gets worse:

Nichols was fired from his job as a school crossing guard. He’s now selling his guns and appealing to get his job back.

Here’s how a harmless man could get his guns taken away:

No due process? How is that right?

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