As Democrats continue to look for new ways to “expand ballot access”, one Washington State election official had an idea: someone’s vote should still count if it was wrote on a napkin.  During an election review training in Seattle, an election official said that a voter pamphlet with the candidates name circled would count for a vote towards said candidate.  A participant in the training asked if this meant that a vote would be counted if a candidates name was wrote on a napkin.  The election officials response was shocking.  The Gateway Pundit Reports

“This one is for Seattle Mayor. This voter did not send in a ballot – their envelope was empty, but we did get this part of the voter pamphlet with the candidate statement along with the contest info at the top of the page – ‘City of Seattle mayor.’ 

If there had been no handwriting at all, we would have just called this superfluous material and wouldn’t bring it before the board – [but] the fact they [drew] what looks like an ‘L’ and a ‘+’ or a ‘V’ and a ‘+’ made us want to bring this forward for you to look at – if they had circled Lorena’s name we would have counted it as a vote”

“After showing the example to the trainees, one woman asks for clarification from the speaker by comparing the newspaper clipping to a voter sending in a napkin that’s been filled out with a candidate’s name and information about the race.

Without skipping a beat the election official confirmed that yes, a napkin would be a proper replacement for a ballot, saying “that would be enough and we would count that as a vote.”

Washington state has some of the most lenient voting laws in the country.  Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman (D) has been one of the leading proponents of “expanding ballot access” for voters across the country.  President Biden appointed Wyman to work with the White House and lead the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to “protect future elections from foreign and domestic interference”


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