Arizona’s powerhouse 2022 Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, told Eric Metaxas in an interview Tuesday that she was asked how much money it would take for her to stay out of politics for the next two years.

Kari shared details surrounding the unusual proposal while talking to Eric Metaxas about her new book ‘Unafraid,’ saying, “A couple of months ago, I had a call from a very powerful person in Arizona and said I have to come over and talk to you in person. This can’t be done on the phone.” She said the encounter would have been included in her book if the timeline had been different. She said the strange proposition came a few months ago after finishing her book.


Lake shared that the gentleman asked how much money she would need to sit on the political sidelines for the next two years. She described his attempt to bribe her and bench her politically over the next few years,
“He said, ‘How much would it take? What would it take? Just for two years,'” she recalled.
She said the conversation had inspired her to keep fighting. She said, “And I thought to myself if they want me gone this badly. I might just stick around for a while.” She promised, “I’m just getting started.”


Lake said she was offered a prestigious position with a high-paying salary in exchange for not running in the 2024 election. She shared with Metaxas that she is not motivated by money or prestige, saying she left all of that behind to fight for our country and that the proposal to “put the movement on ice” for two years has reinforced her conviction to stay involved.
Lake added that she is not certain what office she will run for in the future but noted that Senator Kyrsten Sinema is up for re-election in Arizona and does not have the people of Arizona in mind when she votes 95% of the time with Joe Biden.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Lake exuded confidence while talking about the 2024 elections noting she believes it will be harder to rig the next election,

“They don’t want me on the ballot. They don’t want Trump on the ballot because they know, ‘We the people’ will show up and vote in droves,” Lake said.

“And they know that if they pull another rigged election,” she continued. “First of all, it’s going to be a lot harder because we know every which way that they are cheating, and I think they know they can’t pull another one like that.”

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