In the critical swing state of Georgia, Spalding County election machines are all down. Spalding County voted for Republicans in the last 5 presidential elections.

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In 2016, Spalding County supported President Trump by a whopping 60.3% to Hillary’s 36%.

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CBS46 News reporter Iyani Lenice tweeted an UPDATE: Spalding Co. GA Voting machines are down county-wide via a “system glitch.” Election officials say “provisional ballots’ are being sent to all 18 all precincts to allow voters to vote with paper ballots.

CBS 56 news reporter shared a video of voters lined up outside at First Presbyterian Church in Griffin.
“Machines working here, but I visited one other nearby polling location where all machines are still down and the only option is a provisional ballot. The line here is a tiny fraction of what it was earlier,” he tweeted.

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