A private school in Washington DC has sent an email home to parents to help them talk to their young children about the announcement of their pregnant “male” teacher.

The River School, an elite “progressive” (a fancy word for very far-left) school located in Washington, DC, is the kind of school where the Obamas or AOC might send their children or Bernie Sanders might send his great-grandchildren.

While the private elitist school for Pre K- third-graders may gratify the far-left parents paying $37,825/year to indoctrinate their offspring by educators more interested in pushing Karl Marx than the history of our Founding Fathers, does it really benefit the young minds of their children to expose them to their sexualized and twisted anti-American views?

The email from The River school sent to parents begins with a “Pregnancy Announcement” and then continues as if it’s perfectly normal to talk about a “man’s” belly that’s starting to grow because of a pregnancy.

Here is how the email appeared for parents:

We wanted to take an opportunity to share some exciting news with you (though you may have already noted Mr. Powell’s growing belly.)

Tristan is expecting a kiddo in mid-January! Of course, you may have some questions about what that looks like for the Manatee Class, so we wanted to share some F.A.Q.s with you as well.

  • Parental leave: Tristan is hoping to teach through December, and possibly into January depending on baby’s arrival. While he’s off adjusting to being a new parent, the River School will make sure there’s no interruption to the learning and adventuring in the Manatee Class! Parental leave is very common at River, and more information about specific coverage will be available closer to the date.
  • Tristan’s journey: Tristan will be a solo-parent by choice. A pregnancy has been a hopeful plan for at least a decade, and Tristan is thrilled that it’s finally happening!Tristan will go by “Abba,” which is Hebrew for “dad.” and uses the pronouns he/him.

Here is an actual screenshot of the email parents allegedly received:

In the second part of the email, parents are given “talking points” to share with their “PRESCHOOL AGED” kids about how to explain the anxiety they may feel about their “male” teacher leaving to have a baby.

How about the anxiety the PRESCHOOL AGED kids will feel when they don’t understand why a boy is having a baby???

Don’t worry, these far-left freaks have an answer—just tell your toddler that “some boys have bodies that can have babies.”


• Talking to the kids: With preschool aged kids, we tend to wait to announce a pregnancy to the class until closer to the date, since we don’t want to create anxiety about a teacher being out. That said, you are welcome to chat with your child at home if you’d like. When we do chat as a class, we will prepare the kids for Tristan’s absence and explain the reason in age-appropriate ways!

For kids who may have associations with pregnancy and a certain gender (“only girls/moms can have babies”), Tristan uses the language of, “some boys have bodies that can have babies, and I have the kind of body that can have a baby, isn’t that cool?!” For older kids (Manatee siblings perhaps, or Manatees depending on how in depth you’d like to discuss this at home), Tristanshares simply about his transgender identity by explaining, “I am transgender, which means when I was born my grownups made a guess that I was a girl, but when I grew up I told everyone that l’m actually a boy.” You are welcome to mirror this language at home. If you’d like more resources and language about discussing trans and gender identity, or explaining how pregnancy happens for curious kids, we’re happy to share some recommendations.

The teacher, identified within the email as Tristan Powell, can be found on the school’s faculty page. Powell is listed as a speech-language pathologist.


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