Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren agreed with an event attendee who said that the United States supports genocide during a town hall in Grinnell, Iowa.

The guy spews propaganda posed as a question of whether Warren will stop the “US-supported murders”:

“Right now, the United States is bombing at least seven countries. We support genocides in Palestine and in Yemen. The U.S. military is actually the biggest polluter of any organization in the world. United States sanctions on Venezuela caused over 40,000 deaths, and we also have sanctions on many other countries like Iran, North Korea, and you can name many more.”

You can see her nodding in agreement as the guy is naming countries where he claims we support genocide. A total lie.

What’s even more disturbing than Warren agreeing with the guy is that the crowd enthusiastically cheered and clapped at what was said!

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“I like your frame on this” – Liz Warren

The Democrats like Warren are so far left and so anti-American that they want to believe our country is promoting genocide.





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