On Sunday, Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on CNN’s “State of The Union” with Dana Bash where she was asked about the fairness of Joe Biden’s student debt bailout. Rather than answering the question, Warren unsurprisingly dodged the question, instead telling a story about herself.

CNN host Bash asked Warren about the fairness of the new student loan forgiveness initiative, suggesting that many U.S. citizens are struggling with other types of debt and are not receiving help from the government.

Warren gave a response that did not address the issue being brought up by Bash, and rambled on instead about her own college experience.

“You know, I think a lot about fairness,” replied Warren. “And I think about how education debt is different from other debt.”

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Senator Warren then went on a tangent about her personal history and how she “wanted to be a public school teacher” and how she enrolled in a public university which “opened a million doors” for her.

She said that she only had to pay $50 per semester at her university, and expressed the frustration that this option is not available for students today.

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However, $50 in 1970 – the time of Warren’s enrollment – is equivalent to about $381.80 in purchasing power today. Additionally, while tuition may have been $50 per semester at the time, the university records at the time of Warren’s enrollment at the University of Houston indicate additional fees would have brought the total cost per semester up to about $100.

Warren then made the assertion that young adults today are unable to get an education that is as affordable as hers was. “That opportunity is not out there today for any of our kids,” insisted Warren. “Our public education system is no longer creating opportunities for kids like me.”

Despite Warren’s misleading claims, certain states do offer free tuition for community college, while others throughout the U.S. cost an average of $1,216 per semester – which is still manageable for your average American.

“I’m not sure that ‘relieving’ this amount of debt changes the cost of college,” interjected Bash, stopping Warren from her unrelated rant. “The cost of college is still exorbitant.”


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