Elizabeth Warren spoke to Annie’s List, a group dedicated to electing “progressive” women to political office in Texas, telling the audience that “we march in pinky pussy hats” to push back against mistreatment by males in the workplace.

Warren is testing the waters for a run in 2020…Yes, she’s still delusional about that. The problem is that she couldn’t be more out of touch but she keeps pandering to her base of “victims”. She wants to keep women in that victimhood mentality because it brings in votes….Sickening!

The problem with Liz is that she’s just awkward…Remember the “Nasty women” speech? Well, this speech tops that awkward moment.

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“Women know what it’s like to get 75 cents on the dollar for doing the same jobs as their male coworkers, and to have good ideas that they put forward, and then those ideas get scooped up by some man who later decides it was his idea,” Warren said.

“Nevertheless, we persist, Warren said to loud applause from the audience, referring to a now-infamous quote by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) when he invoked an obscure rule to block her from speaking against the nomination of Jeff Sessions for attorney general last year.

“Women know what it’s like to get talked over in meetings, passed over for promotions, and screwed over in salary negotiations,” Warren continued. “Nevertheless, we persist.”

“We persist and we march,” she added. “We march in pink pussy hats. We march carrying hand-made signs. We march with our moms and our sisters and our daughters.”



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