***WARNING***Don’t view these images if you are easily “triggered”…

Daytime TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres was attacked by “triggered” Twitter users for daring to post a very funny picture of herself photo-shopped on Usain Bolt’s back. Apparently, she needed to consult with the race-board before attempting to use the image of a world famous black man:

Here are a few of the responses:

tweet ellen I

ellen II slavery tweet ellen I

Apparently, Usain Bolt wasn’t as offended as the “triggered” Twitter users, as he immediately re-tweeted Ellen’s hysterical image of her running errands on the fastest man in the world’s back:

usain tweet

Usain wasn’t the only Twitter user who found the race-baiters comments to be ridiculous. Here are a few tweets in support of Ellen’s unique sense of humor:

funny tweet

Here is Ellen’s perfect response to over-the-top social media race-baiters:

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