Elon Musk is the wealthiest man in the world. He clearly knows how to run a successful business, so when he recently purchased Twitter and promised to return free speech to the platform for all, primarily conservatives who’ve been censored by the platform were excited to see what kinds of changes he’d be making to one of the most woke companies in America.

In 2021, our 100 Percent Fed Up was permanently suspended by Twitter without ever having a single violation for posting an article with a Gateway Pundit video showing the white van that drove into the TCF Center to deliver ballots in the early morning hours on the day after the election. When we tried to appeal their decision, Twitter told us they would not entertain an appeal.

In addition to sending Twitter’s top woke officials packing, it was announced yesterday that Twitter would be freezing access to internal tools for some employees used to censor the views of conservatives and manipulate the news.

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s chief of safety and integrity, confirmed that the company had frozen some of the internal tools used to censor content on the social media platform/

“This is exactly what we (or any company) should be doing in the midst of a corporate transition to reduce opportunities for insider risk,” Roth tweeted. “We’re still enforcing our rules at scale.”

Now, Elon Musk has announced a huge change to those who use Twitter but have been unable to get a “blue checkmark” next to their name because the former powers to be at Twitter didn’t want to validate accounts with whom they disagreed on political issues.

In typical snarky Elon Musk fashion, he tweeted: Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit.

Adding, “Power to the people!”

And then, he surprised everyone by announcing that a blue checkmark would come at the cost of “$8/month.” Musk said the price would be adjusted by country proportionate to purchase power parity.

Included in the $8/month fee to receive a “blue checkmark,” Twitter users will receive several perks, including:

– Priority in replies, mentions & search, which is essential to defeat spam/scam
– Ability to post long video & audio
– Half as many ads

And paywall bypass for publishers willing to work with us

He added, “This will also give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators”

Twitter will also allow a secondary tag below the name of the account, like politicians, automatically receive:


Musk retweeted this hilarious image of himself announcing his $8/month deal for everyone!

Gee, it almost seems like Elon Musk is trying to make it fair for everyone to compete on his platform, regardless of their political views. Maybe it’s worth it for 100 Percent Fed Up to pursue getting our Twitter account back since traffic on Facebook is still under the control of the far-left hack Mark Zuckerberg who welcomes far-left censorship on his platform.

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