For years, Twitter and other social media platforms have barred the questioning of “science,” and labeled anyone who rightly challenges scientific claims that have not been fully peer-reviewed or studied for an adequate length of time a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

An integral step in the scientific method is the peer review process. This is the part of the study in which a researcher’s results are handed over to be repeatedly reviewed by others to ensure the conclusions are free from bias or influence, effectively separating ‘opinion’ from ‘fact.’

Science has long been accepted as a field that is subject to change and open to corrections as new evidence is questioned and fresh eyes bring fresh perspectives. Without allowing the repeated examination of prior conclusions, the scientific field would stop evolving and advancing.

However, the Left has tried to eliminate this final step, shaming anyone who questions their ‘scientific conclusions’ and accusing these free thinkers of spreading false information.

Now, Twitter CEO Elon Musk is making a point to reestablish the ability for people to question what they are told on his social media platform.


On Wednesday, Musk tweeted, “New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science.”

Musk also said, “Anyone who says that questioning them is questioning science itself cannot be regarded as a scientist.”

Conservative writer Collin Rugg responded to Musk’s tweet, saying, “This is the most astonishing aspect of the ‘trust the science’ crowd. It was never about science. It was always just propaganda.”

“Twitter will no longer be a propaganda outlet for Fauci and the COVID mob,” Rugg said.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, responded to Musk’s announcement, saying, “Bad news for transgender extremism, covid totalitarians, and climate alarmists.”

Journalist David Martosko also praised Musk’s announcement, considering the major implications a movement like this could have on corrupt, biased, and politicized science.

“Isn’t it remarkable that this is a departure from what we’ve seen for many years?” Martosko said. “I hope it also means it will be acceptable to examine who’s funding science and what kind of restrictions that places on scientists.”

NASA Earth Cartography and Data Visualization lead Joshua Stevens also voiced his opinion on Musk’s new policy, saying, “This is fair and reasonable. And if any scientist tells you otherwise, never let them wax poetic about curiosity and wonder ever again.”

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