The wealthiest man in the world and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is calling for an immediate increase in US oil and gas output despite the “negative” impact it would have on Tesla.

As gas prices approach record-breaking highs across the country, Musk tweeted out: “Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.”

He then followed his statement up with another Tweet, saying, “Obviously, this would negatively affect Tesla, but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react instantaneously to make up for Russian oil & gas exports.”

While the electric car mogul is advocating for an increase in domestic oil and gas output, the US Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, is urging people to buy electric vehicles. Buttigieg stresses the “gas savings” from driving an electric vehicle, capitalizing on the current stress of the American people surrounding record-breaking gas prices.

Buttigieg even urges those in rural areas to switch to an electric vehicle, despite there not being nearly enough existing infrastructure to support this envisioned scale of electric cars.

It seems quite ignorant that Buttigieg would urge everyone to combat rising gas prices by purchasing an electric car, as the average cost of an electric vehicle is not cheap, with a price tag of about $56,000, according to Kelley Blue Book.

Musk continues to keep a close eye on the events unfolding in Ukraine. The billionaire has already sent Starlink stations to Ukraine to help secure their internet connection during the Russian invasion and has promised to send more despite the high cost to deploy them.

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