Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, is challenging the latest news about rising numbers of COVID cases.

On June 30, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a powerful video of Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and Stanford professor Michael Levitt, who blasted scientists for their reckless, politically motivated response to COVID. “The scientists are more panicked and scared of reality than anybody else,” Levitt said. Dr. Levitt explained that scientists have failed younger generation, “We let economics and politics dictate the science,” he said, adding, that almost all of the data that was being shared was “wrong” including from the WHO, adding, “We had Facebook censoring the WHO’s contrary views.” “For political reasons, we as scientists, let our views be corrupted,” Dr. Levitt added, adding that anyone who challenged the data was told to “stop talking like that.”

Musk replied to the video by saying: “Levitt is right.” He also tweeted about the extraordinary number of “false positives” related to COVID19 testing: There are a lot of C19 false positives messing up the numbers. Even tests with 5% false-positive rate (in *field*, not lab) would show up as ~17 million fake C19 cases even if there were actually none.

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Elon Musk responded by asking a very important question: Extremely big difference between died because of or died with. Also, did the person actually have C19 or did they just have C19 symptoms? It’s almost impossible to die without feeling weakness, shortness of breath or other C19 symptoms unless you were crushed by a falling piano.

Watch OANN’s report on Elon Musk’s criticism of the COVID scam. Musk suggested that the COVID was exaggerated to justify the lockdown of certain countries and was not justified.

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“This is kind of a practice run for something that might in the future, have a really high mortality rate,” Musk said.

Dr. Angela Rasmussen took to Twitter to criticize Musk for holding an opposing opinion. Rasmussen claimed that hospitalizations are not decreasing, using Arizona’s ICU bed usage numbers as an indicator of the increased risk COVID poses. Musk shut her down with one chart showing that while the reported number of COVID cases is on the rise, the number of COVID related deaths has sharply dropped.

Here’s a close up of the chart Musk used to respond to Dr. Rasmussen’s criticism of his opinion.

RS Tanner obliterated Dr. Rasmussen’s attempt at admonishing the Tesla CEO for his opinion, writing:

Dear Dr., you realize @elonmusk knew little about the luxury car market or NASA contracts when he started Tesla or SpaceX. Experience and degrees should not make us dismissive of differing viewpoints. No one benefits if we try to “shut up” the people who are not deemed experts.

Elon Musk also offered a blistering reply to Dr. Angela Rasmussen’s tweet (see below):

Something’s messed up about medicine that’s anti-science. In science, you question everyone, no matter who they are. Facts & reasoning are everything, but in medicine too much emphasis is on credentials, often by people who’ve accomplished nothing but a PhD thesis used by no one.

Musk also shared recent CDC data showing a decrease in hospitalizations related to COVID19. Musk wrote, “As you’d expect, this has resulted in a proportionately very high number of C19 false positives, ” adding that at best case, testing reliability is at “worst case 50% false positive.”

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