Elon Musk had a big conference with Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu this week and one particular clip jumped out at me…

At one point in their discussion, Netanyahu says to Elon: “you can’t be President of the U.S. right, but assume you are…”

To which Elon replies:  “Unofficially”.

Look, maybe it’s just a funny quip, but I think there’s more to it than that.

Do I think Elon is ACTUALLY President?


No, of course not.

That’s nonsense.

But is Elon part of a group of people running things behind the scenes?

The “adults in the room”?

Now THAT I think is very likely.

Watch the clip here:

Backup here:

As you watch the entire interview, it’s hard to miss the point that Elon Musk seems MUCH more Presidential than, say, Joseph Robinette Biden.

Elon talks about traveling to meet with world leaders about AI.

He went to China to work on AI policy.

Who does that?

Is this man our defacto leader?

Or is he part of a small group of White Hats running things behind the scenes while Biden plays pretend President?

Full video here if you want to watch:

This is part of a bigger discussion we’ve been having recently.

Elon seems to be playing a MUCH bigger role on the world stage that most realize.

The man who is reinventing the Auto industry….

Sending rockets into Space (allegedly) that NASA can’t….

Traveling the world and meeting with World Leaders….

Leading AI whether you like it or not….

This guy is almost single-handedly bringing us into the future.

Is that a good future or a bad future?

That’s up for debate.

I think PBD nailed it a few weeks ago when he talked about alliances being built.


He specifically talked about Trump-Tucker-Musk.

Really interesting, watch here:

So now the big question….

There’s no doubt Elon is a power player, almost without match right now on the world stage.

The only question is: Good Guy or Black Hat?

WHITE OR BLACK HAT? Elon Musk Confirms Our Reporting On Linda Yaccarino

So…is Linda Yaccarino a right-winger who Follows Poso and Libs of TikTok?

Or just the next version of Sheryl Sandberg and Vijaya Gadde, ready to take away your Free Speech?

The debate rages on and the jury is still out.

But we’ve been reporting on it nonstop and we’re finding evidence of both sides.

And the funny thing is Elon Musk himself just confirmed the dichotomy with this Tweet:

Is it possible to be LGBTQAnon?

Check it out:

That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

Elon teasing us?

Or giving us the hat tip?

Here’s more on the evidence we’ve been seeing for both sides:

Twitter’s New CEO: “Mask Up or Pack Up!”

Earlier this morning, Elon Musk confirmed what we reported to you last night….

His new CEO for Twitter is Linda Vaccarino.

And since the announcement we’ve been investigating and learning a lot about her.

I am trying to keep an open mind.

She appears to be a proud WEF Member, and not just a Member but a highly engaged Member and “Executive Chair”.


Let’s take a look at Linda Yaccarino’s LinkedIn:

World Economic Forum

Executive Chair

 – Present

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an independent international organization committed to improving
the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Yaccarino is the Chairman of the WEF’s Taskforce on Future of Work and sits on the WEF’s Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee. She is also highly engaged with the Value in Media initiative.

But I am trying to keep an open mind.

So let’s keep digging.

Then I came across this video.

This appears to be from back during the Pandemic where she seems to be telling Penn State to “Mask Up or Pack Up.”

Very interesting.

Watch here:


I truly am trying to keep an open mind, so I’ll say this….

There were many people during the Pandemic who were very misguided.

Some ignorantly so.

Some thought they were doing good but they couldn’t see what was really happening.

Is that what happened here?

Just a misguided attempt to try and do the right thing?

I don’t know.

I seem to remember people just recently trying to rewrite history to say “we never forced anyone to take the jab!”

Oh really?

How about videos like this?

“Mask Up or Pack Up?”

Sounds like a threat to me.

Mask up or you’re fired.

That was early on in the Planned-Demic.

What came after “Mask up or pack up” was “take the jab or lose your job”.


Jury is still out on Ms. Yaccarino.

I guess we could even take it up a level.

Perhaps we’re not really concerned about Yaccarino…

Perhaps the real question is “Who is Elon Musk?”

Elon Musk’s Nanny: “He’s not the Antichrist, but he will present the Mark”

Ok, I’m giving you two disclaimers right off the bat on this one.

First, I like Elon Musk.

I sure hope he’s not the Antichrist or the forerunner who will present the Mark of the Beast.

That would be a real bummer.

I like the guy.

I like his cars.

I like the Solar Roof.

I like the Optimus Robot.

I like what he’s done for Free Speech on Twitter.

So basically what I’m trying to say is I’m not an Elon Musk hater.

But I’m also a reporter and I have to report things fairly and accurately.

Which leads into my second disclaimer.

Second, I cannot verify the truth of this lady’s story.

It may be entirely fake.

She may be fake.

But it’s going viral on Twitter right now, so I’m going to cover it and let you decide.

Because the things she say are WILD!

It’s a short clip so you can just watch it yourself but here’s what stands out to me.

She says she was Elon’s nanny when he was going up.

She says his original name was El Elyon, which if you know the etymology of “El” that is troubling.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about that name:

Here’s what Quora says:

Back to the video….

The Nanny claims he opened a portal in his room and was into really dark stuff.

She then talks about asking “the circle” about this, which is unclear what she means but sounds like the family was involved in some demonic circle group?


Look, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Watch here:

Backup here:


I’ve a deep dive on Elon before…

Here is that report if you missed it or want more:

Elon Musk: White Hat or Very Bad News?

I’ve been pretty vocal about liking Elon Musk…

But I’m not paid to post feelings, I’m paid to post hard news and investigate all sides of the issue.

Actually, spoiler alert: I’m not paid at all!

I have no salary.

I do this all on my own free will, trying to get the truth out!

Sure, we have ads and partnerships, but I take no money from any group or organization that has any editorial content over anything I write.

I’m my own man, a one man operation.

I write based on two guidelines: (1) is it truthful? and (2) will it help advance our nation and protect those of us who live here with better lives?

And in case you didn’t notice, that mission is essentially the polar-opposite of the MSM who take their Talking Points from Big Money Investors.

Not here.

It’s just me!

Little old Noah.

Anyway, I digress…

Back to our topic at hand.

I’ve been open about the fact I like Elon.

I love his cars.

No, I don’t have any illusions or misconceptions about thinking I’m saving the planet, I just love the car because it’s incredibly well made and actually makes driving fun again!

I love the idea of his Optimus Robot that will soon make redundant housekeeping chores a thing of the past…

I (loved) the idea of going to Space and watching stuff like Star Trek: The Next Generation…

I love a free and open Twitter…

I love that Elon hates the SEC and openly spits in their faces…

I could go on and on.

But now I have to pause and reflect on the other side of the coin.

Because, yes I see it.

So let’s take a moment to talk about it.

At the onset, let me just say this: the jury is still out on Elon Musk as far as I’m concerned.

I want him to be a good guy and a white hat.

But I also know the Bible very well when it says the Antichrist will be adored by many.

He will lead the masses.

He will speak elegantly and very persusasively.

Have you ever listened to Elon speak?

It’s pretty hypnotizing.

I’ve watched many of his interviews and it’s hard to stop watching….the man truly is fascinating!

So to everyone emailing me and asking if I see the risk — I do, and I’m watching.

I saw this of course:

That’s not good.

The best you can say is it was just a Halloween costume with no thought put into it.

But it’s tough to dismiss.

But let’s also say this…

Elon Musk has not claimed to be a Christian.

But that also doesn’t make him the Antichrist by default either, so have some balance.

Like Trump, imagine if he had a full-blown conversion experience and combined his current intellect and personality and wit and charm with Holy Spirit fueled deutemus power?

Oh my!

But let’s keep going….

Yes, on almost any topic Elon seems to be on the wrong side of the equation:

Then there’s this:

He loves to joke around, but joking about burning human hair doesn’t seem to be very funny?

Maybe I missed the punchline.

Then we have this:

“This is the lovely machine that’s going to put a nice chip in your head.” – Jason Bermas

“In six short hours, this robot kiosk is going to give you brain surgery where it pops a piece of your skull off and weaves neuro-threaded fibers into your brain.” – Jason Bermas

Watch here on Rumble:

So you have the Neurolink, literally putting a chip in your brain.

Elon has all the good sales pitches, making paralyzed people walk again is pretty compelling!

But then there does seem to be that major warning in the Book of Revelation about taking a Mark in your forehead.

Transhumanism…but the promise of curing sicknesses.

Underground tunnels…but the promise of eliminating traffic jams.

Electric cars…but the risk of government clicking the off switch.

Robots make life better….but kill jobs and implement Universal Basic Income.

It’s a double-edged sword with Elon anywhere you look!

My friend Christopher Greene at AMTV simplifies it down to this:

Basically, he thinks even a super genius like Elon Musk cannot possibly be running all these companies, so that makes him a front-man for the DS.

He might be right.

In closing, I will just say two things…

ONE: I will reserve judgment and continue to watch, but I see it friends, I see it.  Don’t think I’ve missed the signs.

TWO: I will end with these signs from the mother.

This is Elon Musk’s mother and she looks like what you’d get if you asked AI to draw a maternal Illuminati figure:

When you know the symbols, you know this is bad.

Very bad.

And if you don’t know the symbols, keep reading and then scroll back up to this:

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall

Ever wonder why there’s a pyramid with the top cut off on every U.S. dollar bill?

Or why famous people constantly cover one eye?

Or why they love to pose with their right hand inside their jacket?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…let me give you an intro right here.

Four examples.

Really simple.

You’re going to see the same signs over and over and over in these 4 pictures.

The signs include:

  • The “OK” symbol, which also just happens to create a 6-6-6
  • Covering the mouth (as in, secret society)
  • Shhh finger over the mouth (same)
  • Two fingers or “V” (symbol for Satan)
  • Tongue out (an homage to the Snake from Genesis)
  • Covering one eye or closing one eye (a very weird gesture repeated incessantly by the Elites — a call out to the “All Seeing Eye” of Horus)
  • One hand inside the jacket

Many times you will see two or more symbols combined at once.

Take a look:


But we’re just getting warmed up…

Sure, some of it could be coincidence, but after a while you have to wise up and realize perhaps they don’t all just love winking and sticking one hand inside their jacket…

Perhaps it’s intentional?

Perhaps it’s sending a message?

Because who does that?

WHY would you do that?

Symbolism will be their downfall.

And yes, that’s exactly what it was:

Another angle, still shot:

Oh, Tulsi….is that you?

And then we have the Devil Horns….

Oh wait, I forgot, these people are all just big Texas Longhorn fans, right?


And covering the one eye:


And here’s Jacko doing the one eye:

Who poses like that?

I mean, unless….it’s a sign and symbol.

And sadly here is Tom Hanks doing a bunch of “one eye” poses.

Because this is normal?

So sad to see “Hanx” is a part of this garbage:

 And whatever the hell this is:


And how about Disney?

They above all else are STEEPED in these Satanic ritual symbols…

Here’s just a few:

We’ve covered this topic many times before, so if you want more check out these articles where we dive deep:


And this:


And this:


And of course this:


The Truth Behind Freemasonry!

Thank you very much to a reader (John, last name withheld for privacy) for sending me this video.

I’ve posted a lot about the Freemasons here before and I know 90% of you agree with me and about 10% of you get very violently angry when I do.

I know it ruffles some of your feathers.

Some of you who had a grandfather in the Masons or perhaps you yourself were in the Eastern Star.

Sorry, but I don’t answer to popular opinion…I answer to truth.  God’s truth.

And God’s truth says Christianity and Masonry are 100% incompatible!

Like oil and water!

But that’s not just me saying it.

I want you to take a look at this new video sent to me by John and I think it will really open some eyes!

I don’t agree with everything this guy says (like his description of Martin Luther being an “attack on the Catholic Church” on the same level as Freemasonry), nor do I really ascribe much to the teachings of the Catholic Church (I do NOT support praying to Mary or praying to Angels or any other number of things the Catholic church does)….but….you have to recognize and support truth when you find it and this Pastor or Father or Friar or whatever they call themselves really exposes the Masons.

And on that point we are aligned 100%.

Watch here:

But that’s just scratching the surface….

I have so much for you so please keep reading.

Here’s another brilliant one from Rumble which shows just how deceptive the Masons are and how their teachings and rituals directly contradict Christian teaching:

Want more?

Good, I’ve got a LOT more!

Have you ever seen a bigger group or D-O-R-K-S in your life than this:

Grange over Sands' Barry Saunders, third from the left, has been installed as master of the Arthur John Brogden Lodge of Freemasons, he was joined by senior masonic figure Phil Gardner, on his right.


Look, losers….playing dress up with your robes and sceptors and your stupid hats is something you should have grown out of when you turned 9.

Oh, in case you haven’t figured out yet by this point in the article, I have absolutely no intention of apologizing for my comments.

In fact, we’re gonna dig in and I’ll explain to you why the Masons are straight from the pit of hell.

Actually, I am going to make one middle ground comment here at the very beginning.

MOST Masons are good people.

Yes, I said it.

MOST Masons have no idea what is going on.

MOST Masons who only get to the first couple of degrees and just treat it as a social fraternity and think they are doing good in their community have no idea about what the Masons truly stand for.

It’s kind of like the FBI…

We all know the top of the FBI is rotten as hell, but there are a lot of good men and women in the lower ranks doing their jobs with honor and service to America.

Such is the case with the Masons.

So to everyone who wrote me and said “my dad was in the Masons and he’s a great person” or some variation of that email, I get it.

But that EXACTLY their plan.

Their plan is to infiltrate every city across America and make it look like it’s such a good and noble organization.

Who could have a problem with the Shriner’s Hospital, right?

It’s just like the Bible says about Satan….”he masquerades as an Angel of Light.”

That’s the Masons.

NATIONAL SURVEY: Do You Trust The Freemasons?

On the surface they want you to think they are Christian, but when you dig in you realize it’s just surface level stuff….and whole lot of other esoteric and pagan CRAP is mixed in.

They frequently reference the Bible but NEVER Jesus.

That’s a major red flag!

Oh, and in case you had any doubt about just how much they have infiltrated society, have you seen this?

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.


Ever wonder about the “G” in their logo?

From Collector’s Weekly:

Dating to 18th-century London, Freemasonry is one of the oldest of these operating fraternal orders, although the group’s mythology claims it is rooted in the building of King Solomon’s Temple around 966 B.C. Like many similar groups, the Masons were borne out of a British craft guild, wherein stone layers learned the tricks of the trade.

“The concept of freemasonry, which taught architecture and geometry, goes back thousands of years,” Lettelier says. “The Greek temples, the pyramids in Egypt, you name it—none of that could have been built without a knowledge of mathematics. So whenever you see the square and compass with the letter G in the center, that stands for God or sacred Geometry.

Spoiler alert….when you get to the top 33 degree of Masonry, you find out the “God” is really Satan!

That’s why they have no problem saying “God” all the time, it just means something very different to them.

Oh and “sacred Geometry”….if that phrase alone doesn’t tell you something is very off with these people, nothing will.

Nowhere in the Bible does it ever refer to “sacred Geometry”….in fact, the whole phrase and idea is highly blasphemous.

More of their imagery:

Note the triangle is always very prevalent.

The skull and bones.

The single “all seeing” eye.

The white and black floor.

The two pillars.

The white/black, light and dark, “as above, so below” imagery is always prevalent.

Can’t you just tell looking at this image something is very “off” about it?  Something demonic?

If you have discernment you can.

Always the white and black checkered floor, a prevalent Masonic symbol:

From Occult World, I don’t agree with the Catholics on some things and I really do not like their Pope but they got this right:

The Catholic Church takes the structure of Freemasonry very seriously, forbidding membership by any Catholic. The Vatican issued its first papal condemnation in 1738, decreeing excommunication for any Catholic Freemason. Many Catholics were originally Masons, including Vatican prelates, and church officials often turned a blind eye, especially in England. The Greek Orthodox Church condemned Masonry in 1933 as a heathen mystery religion. Stephen Knight, author of Operative Masonry, claimed that during the ritual for the Holy Royal Arch candidates learn the secret name of God—Jahbulon: Jah for Yahweh, Bul for the Canaanite fertility god Baal, and On for Osiris. Such references, he contended, proved devil worship.

Freemasonry, as well as Rosicrucianism, received a boost in popularity with the 2003 international bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code. Author Dan Brown ties Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry to the legends of the so-called Priory of Sion, a secret order descended from the lost Knights Templar, to prove that Mary Magdalene is the real holy grail.

Do you see how they always blend together some idea from Christianity with something Pagan?

The “secret name” of God is a mix of Yahweh and Baal?  Really?  Blasphemous to the highest degree!

Because some of us are visual learners, I want to show you some videos by a guy who has done an absolutely fantastic job on YouTube exposing the Freemasons.

To everyone who emailed me and told me to “do my research” about the Masons, I have and here you go.

Seriously, these are very good, please watch:


And here is Obama pushing Freemasonry….

What more do you need to know?


Yes, all the groups are bad.

The Freemasons, the Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, The DeMolay….

Again, it’s just like how Satan has many different names, isn’t it?

These groups have dozens of names, but all one evil root.

This next video addresses the people who say “I was in the Masons and nothing bad ever happened” or “a relative of mine was a Mason and he was a good person.”

Probably true!

But watch:


And an in-depth investigation.

You want research?

Watch this:


And because those may likely get deleted off YouTube, I’ve made a backup.

Watch them all here safely on Rumble:

But I want to know what you think.

You’ve made it all the way to the end, what do you say?

Are the Masons just good parts of our society or a demonic organization?

NATIONAL SURVEY: Do You Trust The Freemasons?

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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