On Sunday, Twitter owner Elon Musk questioned why so many people are protesting the death of Jordan Neely in New York City, yet they ignored the children who were murdered at a Christian elementary school in Nashville.

On May 1, a homeless black man named Jordan Neely was killed in a struggle on a New York City subway train after he threatened and intimidated other passengers. After Neely began making threatening statements toward the subway riders, a former Marine named Daniel J. Penny stepped in and put him in a chokehold that proved to be fatal.

After Neely’s death, protests broke out throughout the city’s subway system as people demanded justice for Neely.

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Democrats like AOC quickly began calling Penny a murderer and are calling Neely’s death a “lynching.”

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Those who take this perspective claim that Neely was an innocent man who was simply asking for food and water. However, they are ignoring the threatening comments he was making that suggested he was about to turn violent, such as “I’ll hurt anybody on this train” and “I’m ready to go back to jail.”

On Sunday night, protesters ramped up their demonstrations by jumping on the subway tracks to block trains and keeping people from entering and exiting the subway stations.

Musk responded to a video of these protesters on Twitter, asking “Why didn’t they protest when the children were murdered at the Christian school? They’re disingenuous.”

In his tweet, Musk was referencing the school shooting that took place at a Christian elementary school in Nashville on March 27. This horrific attack was carried out by a transgender shooter who attended the school when she was young.

Instead of nationwide outrage for the victims, woke left-wing protesters stood up for transgender rights and mourned the shooter as one of the victims.

In response to Musk’s question, Adam Coleman, the founder of Wrong Speak Publishing, wrote, “Because it’s not really about people but an agenda. I’ve concluded that they don’t really care about regular people but the facade of caring about regular people…even if those people are innocent children.”

“They have to be the right kind of children and they weren’t,” he added.

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