Despite Elon Musk’s stance on free speech, which has made liberals assume he is right-wing, Musk’s political leanings aren’t immediately apparent.  In 2005, Musk gave $10,000 to a ballot initiative in California to raise taxes for free universal pre-school.  In recent years, he has donated $500,000 to the liberal ACLU.  He has donated to more Democratic politicians than he has Republican politicians as well.

With all of this in mind, it would be safe to assume that Musk is liberal.  If you were to believe that, however, you would be wrong.

Today, Musk shared a meme criticizing the far-left turn that the United States has taken over the last decade.  The meme indicates that before liberals took a woke turn, he sided with them.  As they continued to radicalize on social issues and turn away from supporting civil liberties, he now considers himself center-right.



In recent weeks, Musk has shared other memes hinting toward his rightward turn.  In 2019, Joe Rogan did a podcast with right-leaning podcaster Tim Pool, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and the head of Twitter’s legal counsel, Vijaya Gadde.  The four debated on if Twitter was biased toward the left.  Musk recently shared a meme indicating that he agreed with Tim Pool and Joe Rogan.




Earlier today, conservative Youtuber Steven Crowder criticized the Biden regime for creating a ‘misinformation board.’  In the Tweet, Crowder compares Biden to the Nazis.  Musk quote tweeted Crowder and agreed with him, calling the decision ‘discomforting.’



In many ways, Elon Musk is becoming the Rockefeller of our time.  He has invested in green energy, space travel and is now trying his hand at social media with his acquisition of Twitter.  Will the world’s wealthiest (and arguably most influential) man continue to be pushed to the right because of the left’s insanity?


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