Musk’s exposure of what took place during Twitter’s rush to hide information on Hunter Biden’s laptop story has brought to light some shocking details. Head lawyer of legal, policy, and trust for Twitter Vijaya Gadde exchanged messages regarding the laptop censorship with California Democrat Representative Ro Khanna. Khanna was concerned about the censorship and the lame reason Twitter gave at the time was that some of the information was possibly “hacked.” Khanna wrote that “if there is a hack of classified information or other information that could expose a serious war crime and the NYT was to publish it, I think the NYT should have that write. A journalist should not be held accountable for illegal actions of the source unless they actively aided the hack.”

Khanna specifically pointed out that the censorship of the story appeared to be a violation of the First Amendment. He also mentioned that it would ignite efforts to curtail section 230. And further added that in “the heat of a Presidential campaign, restricting dissemination of newspaper articles (even if NY Post is far right) seems like it will invite more backlash than it will do good.” He asked for the communication to be kept private.
And yet Twitter did not reverse course on censoring conservative voices. Carl Szabo of Research Firm NetChoice began warning the company that their decision was going to invite a “blood bath” on the hill, referring to the frustration on the part of both Democrats and Republicans. However, Szabo also noted that some Democrat lawmakers pushed for further reaching censorship. When asked how censorship would work with the First Amendment, their response was to denigrate the Bill of Rights, saying, “The First Amendment isn’t absolute.”

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Musk has promised that there will be more disclosure coming. “Vijaya Gadde tried desperately to stop Elon Musk from buying Twitter. She failed. Now he is exposing EVERYTHING that she wanted to hide.”

After the links were put up Friday evening revealing the way inconvenient information was “handled” at Twitter, Elon described exposing Twitter’s collusion by saying it was “Handled.”

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