Last night, Democrat mouthpiece and sometimes comedian Stephen Colbert, did his part to help launch Hillary Clinton’s 2020 presidential bid by inviting Crooked Hillary and her charming daughter to appear on his show. After walking up two stairs to the stage, Hillary reached out to the host’s desk to steady herself, as she raised her left arm and made her best impression of the viral photo of the oddly exaggerated face she made during the DNC convention, as the balloons dropped to the stage.

Hillary, who many believe is about too launch her third failed attempt at the presidency, is apparently still unable to walk more than a couple of steps without assistance.

Hillary Clinton can be seen falling for the second time in a row on a recent trip to India with close friend Huma Abedin.

After struggling to make it to her chair on the Late Night Show stage, and then falling into it, with a look of relief, Hillary Clinton, for no particular reason, began to repeatedly cackle at the audience.

The Late Night host, Stephen Colbert, who was certain Trump was guilty of Russian collusion, wasted no time accusing Trump of Ukraine collusion, as he encouraged his audience to chant, “Lock him up,” while Hillary cackled—again.

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When Colbert asked Hillary what she makes of the Ukraine scandal, Hillary told the host, “We have started an impeachment inquiry.” Who knew Hillary was part of Congress?

Hillary went on to trash the man who trounced her in the 2016 election, justifying an impeachment for another manufactured scandal.

Colbert told Hillary he was never a fan of impeachment, saying he thought in Trump’s case, Americans should skip the ballot box and instead, allow the Democrat majority House impeach him instead.

Colbert completely glossed over the fact that Hillary Clinton was the first lady of the United States when her husband was impeached for lying to a grand jury about his sexual encounters with an intern, as Hillary explains why Trump needs to be impeached.

The best part came when Hillary attempted to accuse Trump of using a secure server to store his phone calls.

Go to the 7:40 mark to see the exchange:

“What the whistleblower tells us, is that they are in the situation room, and as soon as Trump starts in on this …people are going…wow what happened, what did he say?” Hillary told Colbert.

“And that’s why they immediately, tried to limit the extension of that phone call to be shared with other people…why they put it in a highly classified system…that is used for the most important secrets like Osama Bin Laden raid,” she hilariously explained. Hillary continued to explain why his call was an impeachable offense.


Near the end of Hillary’s campaign, former VP Joe Biden, who was pushed out of the race when his boss, Barack Obama annointed Hillary as the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate,  graciously campaigned with her to his hometown of Scranton, PA.

In the video below, Joe Biden can be seen hopping briskly out of his vehicle and making his way up the stairs for a photo op in front of his childhood home in Scranton. The cameras catch his every move. But where is Hillary?  It’s pretty obvious that this photo-op for Hillary was all orchestrated by Hillary and the press. The cameras were focused solely on Biden while Hillary limps up the stairs (the camera’s catch her walking towards Biden, but only very briefly, as she appears to have some sort of physical disability that’s preventing her from walking without assistance).

President Trump shocked Democrats and their allies in the media when he won the formerly blue state of PA in the 2016 election.

Here’s the video of Hillary falling not once, but twice during her speaking engagement in India:

Hillary isn’t healthy, she isn’t stable, she’s a horrible hypocrite, she’s so delusional it’s embarrasing, and she has so many skeletons in her closet that she needs a warehouse to store them all. Why in the world would any sane American take this nut job seriously?

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