Joe Biden has been making a colossal fool of himself on the world stage ever since he and nurse Jill landed at the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. From showing up over 2 hours late for a press conference to multiple bumbling, disoriented moments in front of the mic, to reading prepared answers from a notebook, Joe Biden has been making America look like a weak and stupid nation for allowing a dementia patient to represent our nation on the world stage.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly featured a segment on great former American leaders like President Ronald Reagan, who were respected and revered by world leaders versus Joe Biden’s embarrassing performance.

Kelly showed his viewers a close-up shot of a notepad Joe carried with him. The page on “The President” stationery included the heading “DOJ Talking Points.” Under the Sunday, June 13, 2021, date, were several points in large type with double spacing between each point. It’s clear by the script given to Biden by someone (Barack Obama?) to confused Joe that the Democrat Party is still allowing Trump to live rent-free in their heads.

Elementary phrases like, “Trump abused power/Trump DOJ out of control,” and “Now we have to clean it up.” are somewhat not exactly the kinds of difficult talking points a President needs help to recite.


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When will the dishonest mainstream media stop covering for Joe Biden and his enabling wife, who allows her husband to be humiliated for the sake of the evil Democrats?

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