The mainstream media continues to aid the Democrat Party in their quest to destroy President Trump leading up to the 2020 election. Yesterday, ABC News published an article and then tweeted it to over 14 million followers on Twitter that talks about a “new effort” that’s been launched to “democratically elect the vice president in 2020.”

The ABC News article begins by talking about a “national push” for “voters to elect the U.S. vice president separately from the president.”

The ABC News article talks about and its founder, David Blake who announced a national movement to elect the vice president independent of the votes cast for President of the United States, is a campaign that seeks to create a separate and independent ballot line for the vice president in 2020. The group is trying to collect — from all 50 states — voter signatures and pledges in support of the separate vice president election.

“An independently-elected vice president would give American voters a new level of direct control over who serves in the White House,” says on its website. “Further, a separately-elected vice president could provide a moderating influence on the partisanship of the president.”

The founder of David Blake announced on Twitter earlier this month that Utah became the first state to reach the signature pledges goal since launching their website in March.

ABC News even includes a video message from the founder’s Twitter page. The only problem is the Twitter account only has 236 followers.

It’s kind of hard to start a national movement that changes the way America votes before the 2020 election when you’re only reaching 236 people on Twitter. tweets about the success they’ve had in a state that elected Mitt Romney as their United States Senator. Romney, who lost the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama, is one of President Trump’s most vocal opponents. This feels more like a piece that ABC News is running to stir up a movement than to report about a movement, in our opinion.

You can do better than this ABC News.

Do you agree? Are you tired of watching the mainstream media pull out every stop to discredit our president?

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