In the latest episode of the national circus, Biden lets slip how much he is controlled by his ‘handlers’ during the closing press conference of the most recent G7 summit where world leaders did not do their best at hiding their hypocrisy on masks and social distancing. This was made patently obvious when Biden was motioning for the next question, only to remember to look at the planned list of journalists who his ‘handlers’ had allowed to ask questions. In fact, during this episode, Biden, in his infinitely vigorous fashion, accidentally uttered that he would ‘get in trouble’ if he deviated from the plan and had an actual Q&A session with the press.

Even more hilarious or embarrassing, depending on one’s sense of humor, the journalist next on the plan, Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg, was also not able to form smooth sentences when providing a question to Biden. Whether that was because she was wearing a mask even when she was asking the question remains to be determined.

In addition to taking only pre-screened questions from pre-screened ‘media’ outlets, Biden, in his infinite wisdom, was also not able to properly differentiate between Syria and Lybia, saying that ‘I’m hopeful that we can find an accommodation where we can save the lives of people in — for example, in — in Libya,’, thereby confusing Libya with war-torn Syria. In his defense, the community organizer he served under previously did engage in military adventurism in both countries among others.

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