ABC News’ Jonathan Karl made an abject ass of himself yesterday when he openly questioned the honesty of the White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson’s report on Donald Trump’s overall health, as he fellow

“Can you explain to me how a guy who eats McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicks(?) and all those Diet Cokes, and never exercises, is in as good of shape as you say he is?”

Dr. Jackson responded to the questioning of the integrity of his report like a professional, offering the rabid media an explanation they certainly didn’t want to hear: “It’s called genetics. I don’t know. It’s uh, some people have just incredible genes.”

And then the White House physician told the pool of leftist reporters the last thing they ever wanted to hear:

“I told the President that if he had had a healthier diet over the past 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old.”

“He has incredible genes, I just assume. If I didn’t watch what I ate, I wouldn’t have the cardiac and overall health that he has, so he’s very healthy despite those things and I don’t think that he does that anymore.”

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Fox and Friends took a closer look at the embarrassing questions that were asked by the press firing squad during an interview with Eric Trump this morning. During the interview, they played a clip from the press conference yesterday that was almost surreal. The press has clearly given up, and are no longer even trying to hide their abject disdain for President Trump. If anyone has been holding out hope that the media has even a shred of objectivity left in their “reporting” when it comes to President Trump, this clip should remove all doubt.



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