NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was caught off guard today when he was unable to tell the difference between Trump and Obama’s immigration policy. Yes, it is true that 6 presidents before Trump restricted immigration. Obama restricted Iraqi immigration for 6 months! The press and politicians conveniently leave those facts out. 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had trouble differing President Donald Trump’s immigration policy with that of former President Barack Obama on Sunday.

CNN’s Jake Tapper raised the point that Obama and former President Jimmy Carter had both taken similar moves during their presidencies as Trump did with his executive order restricting immigration from certain countries with terrorism problems.

“Now there have been times in the nation’s history when detainees–I’m sorry, not detainees–when refugees or immigrants from a specific country were put on hold, were suspended,” Tapper said.

“Barack Obama did it with Iraqis for six months,” Tapper continued. “Jimmy Carter did it with Iranians during that hostage crisis. How is this different?”

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