Barack Hussein Obama has never been very popular with our troops. According to a 2015 poll conducted by the Military Times, only 15 percent of active-duty service members approve of President Obama’s performance as commander-in-chief. So it’s no surprise that he would take this final opportunity with our troops to defend his failed leadership with our military and to, what else…trash Trump. Despicable… 

President Barack Obama claimed the United States is ‘breaking the back of ISIS’ in his final national security speech before leaving office and told armed service members the country is depending on them to ‘carry forward what is best in us.’

Obama directed the bulk of his counter-terror speech to criticisms of his policies leveled by President-elect Donald Trump during his successful campaign – but did not mention his successor by name.

‘We are a nation that our best has been defined by hope and not fear,’ Obama told them in his Tuesday address.

The nation’s commander in chief recounted the United States’ defining moments in the Civil War, WWII, when American soldiers ‘stormed the beaches of Normandy’ and ‘climbed the hills of Iwo Jima,’ and the civil rights era.

‘That’s who we are. That is what makes us stronger than any act of terror,’ he told troops stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. ‘Remember that history. Remember what that flag stands for.’ – DM


Funny, Barack Obama couldn’t find it in his heart to speak out against those who openly disrespect our flag like Black Lives Matter acitivists or 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, or others who disrespect or burn our flag in the name of oppression and hate.

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