Why do family members of the fake Native American and Democrat candidate for president, Elizabeth Warren have to be forced to pose for photo ops with her?

On New Years Eve, Elizabeth Warren made a cringeworthy LIVE video on Instagram to announce her run for president in 2020. At the start of the video, Warren can be seen momentarily leaving the camera and walking over to the refrigerator to “Get me a beer.” All of a sudden, in a clearly scripted moment, Warren appears to be surprised that her just husband happened to pop into the room. “Hey, come on over” Warren tells the camera. “My husband Bruce is now in here,” Warren exclaimed. At the 26-second mark, after her husband refuses to have a beer with her, Warren tells her husband to come over and pose with her in front of the camera. “This is my sweetie…um..he’s the best” Warren tells the camera. She then tells her husband, “Thank you for being here. I’m glad you’re here.” Moments later, Warren can be seen pushing him back out of the camera, as she leans in for a close up, “Uh, who we got here?” she asks, in another cringeworthy moment.


The next day, as the press anxiously waited outside of Warren’s home for a staged interview, Warren can again, be seen using her husband, Bruce and her dog as props. Watch, as Warren walks up to the microphone set up outside of her home. More than once, Warren turns around to make sure her husband and dog are close by. When she gets to the microphone, Warren looks back at her husband, Bruce, and summons him with the dog to stand next to her for the photo op.

It was yesterday, however, while in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that Warren made it embarrassingly clear, how important it is to her to use family members as props for the photographers. After Warren was finished addressing her supporters, she can be seen reaching across the stage for her distracted grandson, who is wearing a blue jacket. Warren reaches over in the most awkward way, yanks her grandson and literally drags him across the stage, where she forces him to stand next to her for the photographers, while she waves aggressively to the crowd. Nice job Chief yank-em-across-the-stage.


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Everything about this Elizabeth Warren is fake. How she ever became a U.S, Senator is really quite stunning.

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For years, Elizabeth Warren lied about her Native American heritage, after she was caught lying on a job application at Harvard Law School, by using her phony “Native American” heritage to allegedly to place herself in front of other applicants

Last week, the Washigton Post released a copy of her registration for the Texas State Bar that revealed Warren listed “Native American” as her race.

Here’s a great video of Warren explaining how her parents eloped because her fahter’s parents wouldn’t allow him to marry her mother because she was part Cherokee.

What do you think? Should the Democrat Party embrace the outed liar, like they did with Hillary Clinton, or should the #WalkAway from Elizabeth Warren? We’d love to know what you think. Tell us in the comment section below.

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