The Ministry of Justice has revealed they had stopped under ten attempts to use small commercial drones to lift contraband goods in England in the first months of this year.

The use of drones in this way is an ‘emerging threat’, according to Eve Richard from the National Offender Management Service (NOMS).

She added that even the highest security prisoners could be vulnerable and, while there’s no evidence that any attempts have been successful, there is potential for some to make it through.

‘In a nutshell, our intelligence suggests that the use of UAVs to release items into our prisons is an emerging threat.

‘It’s not a huge issue at the moment, but there is the potential for it to increase and become more of an issue.’

One drone was used to carry mobile phones and drugs into Bedford Prison in March, but was intercepted by guards.

Just last month police foiled a plot to deliver drugs and porn into a Maryland prison, while a few weeks earlier a drone successfully dropped marijuana and heroin into a correctional facility in Ohio.  Via:

So…how long before weapons or bomb making materials are being dropped off by drones in prison courtyards?

This is a serious threat to our security and every American should be concerned.

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