Barstool News Network posted an awesome video of Amish voters showing their support for President Trump.

This isn’t the first time the Amish have held a parade for Trump. In Fredericksburg, OH, Amish residents were showing also showing their support for him with an awesome Trump parade that stretched out across the countryside.

The video below shows them taking their parade through the downtown district of Fredericksburg, OH.

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There are over 76,000 Amish people living in Ohio, another 76,000+ live in Pennsylvania. Both are swing states that President Trump must win.

President Trump, speaking in Lititz, Pa., at a rally on Monday, addressed the many Amish, Mennonite, and Pennsylvania Dutch in the audience — which led to instant accusations of faking Amish support (of course).

This Twitter user shares his experience about standing behind a family of Amish wearing Trump 2020 masks.

Monday’s rally wasn’t the only time the Amish have been out publicly supporting the president.

Amish Americans aren’t the only ones showing their support for President Trump in a unique and unexpected way. Two days ago, in Iowa, as Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden was hosting a tiny rally down the road, Trump supporters in Atlantic, Iowa were hosting a tractor parade for Trump.

President Trump made a promise in 2016 to help the forgotten man and woman in America. He has fulfilled that promise and those who the Democrat Party have ignored for decades are coming out strong to show their support for President Trump.

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