When enough is enough… Parents are suing a Massachusetts public school district for keeping their “genderqueer” and trans children’s identities and new pronouns a secret from them

A lawsuit was filed Tuesday by two sets of parents, including parents of an 11 year old “genderqueer” girl and a transgender boy child, against Ludlow Public Schools in Massachusetts for violating their parental rights by actively concealing their two children’s gender identities and pronouns secret from them.

Ludlow Public Schools

The suit stands on the basis of violation of parental rights, due process, and religious freedom through injection of gender identity policies and aims to take down the woke school committee.

From The Daily Mail:

They say that their sincerely held religious beliefs require truthfulness, obedience to parents, and that they believe children are created as either male or female.

The narrative of the 58-page lawsuit focuses mostly Foote and Silvestri’s biological female child, identified only as B.F.

The suit says that B.F., then an 11-year-old sixth grader, was given an assignment with others in her class in September 2019 to make a video describing their gender identity and preferred pronouns.

‘The videos of their children were created without the parents’ knowledge or consent and it remains unknown how these videos were used or who was allowed to view them,’ the suit states.

The district was filming children without their parents consent and for unknown purposes, while also encouraging kids to come up with strange pronouns and gender identities all the while hiding it from parents. This is a clear violation of parental rights, and violates the religious tenets of the parents as well.

With the encouragement of teachers and other school staff, B.F. came to the conclusion that they are “genderqueer” and use a variety of fake pronouns like ze/zir and fae/faerae, whatever those are supposed to mean.

The school also did not inform the parents that their other child, a boy who now identifies as a girl, has come out as transgender.

The district’s current superintendent has not commented on the suit, however the former superintendent was also accused within it of insulting the parents.

The suit accuses the former district superintendent, Todd Gazda, of insulting the parents during a public School Committee public meeting by claiming their concerns amounted to ‘intolerance of LGBTQ people thinly veiled’ behind a ‘camouflage of parental rights.’

Gazda went on to say that schools, not homes, are the true ‘safe space’ for children because schools supply ‘caring adults’ where students can discuss problems and find support for their ‘true identities,’ according to the suit.

Gazda’s goals are all but explicitly to remove children from their parents’ care and place them under the care of the schools, and therefore the state.

Ludlow Superintendent Lisa Nemeth

Several school staff and faculty, along with both the current and former superintendent, are named as defendants in the lawsuit.


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