After years of Republican control in Nevada and a hotly contested election with numerous irregularities, far-left Democrats now hold the governor’s mansion, the state Senate, and the state House, as well as both U.S. Senate seats.

But, a Schism appears to have formed in the Nevada Democrat party.  Establishment leftist operatives working on behalf of Nevada Democrats like Harry Reid are at odds with even more radical Democratic Socialists in the party who are ideologically kindred with Bernie Sanders and AOC.

The Intercept Reports:

“NOT LONG AFTER Judith Whitmer won her election on Saturday to become chair of the Nevada Democratic Party, she got an email from the party’s executive director, Alana Mounce. The message from Mounce began with a note of congratulations, before getting to her main point.

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She was quitting. So was every other employee. And so were all the consultants. And the staff would be taking severance checks with them, thank you very much.

On March 6, a coalition of progressive candidates backed by the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America took over the leadership of the Nevada Democratic Party, sweeping all five party leadership positions in a contested election that evening…”

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Whitmer, the far-left Democratic Socialist, attributes her success to the ability of community organization efforts by leftists in order to dismantle old systems:

“Whitmer said “what they just didn’t expect is that we got better and better at organizing and out-organizing them at every turn.”

Whitmer’s predecessor, former Clark County Democratic Chair Donna West, said Whitmer did not try to bridge gaps within the party. She “does not listen to others’ opinions and really take those on board,” West said. “I found that working with her could be really difficult, that she doesn’t really collaborate well, and doesn’t work to build consensus.” West resigned last summer.

A former Nevada Democratic Party staffer, who requested anonymity to speak freely, told The Intercept they quit out of a belief that Whitmer hadn’t built relationships across the party as Clark County chair and was at times unfairly critical of the state Democratic Party. “I knew I couldn’t work with her and watch her destroy the years of hard work so many operatives put into making our state party the best state party in the country.”

Many Democrats voted for Trump in 2016 and even more in 2020.  A common mantra of these disillusioned Dems was that “the party left me.”

No better example can be found that that of Nevada, where far-left community agitators, election meddlers, establishment globalist republicans, and terrible immigration policies have transformed a once-dependable Red state with a moderate Democrat constituency completely Blue.

The wild far-left progressives have left their West-Coast cage of California and are now running free throughout the national political zoo.

Local elections and election integrity are imperative.

What will you do to ensure the 2022 election is legitimate and successful?

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