It seems that Colin Kaepernick has become more of an influence in our youths life then any of us would have hoped for. On one hand it is amazing that an entire high school football team wanted to “protest social injustices,” but on the other following a move that shows nothing but disrespect to this country and the men and women that have fought for it for so long is a travesty.

Recently converted muslin-Colin Kaepernick from the San Francisco 49ers decided he wanted to protest oppression of the black man in America by sitting during the National Anthem. The move is spreading like an oozing wound, and unfortunately his job a role-model and mentor has been compromised.

The coach of the Garfield Seattle High School football team should be ashamed of himself for not only allowing this type of action but for joining in on it!

The coach stated that they will continue this action before every game “until they tell us to stop.” High schools across this nation are doing the same and it is heartbreaking to watch our youth be so very misguided.

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This country needs more authority figures teaching our children what the National Anthem really means. It literally is a protest for injustices, its a hymn for those that have died for us to have our freedom, its a song that will forever remember every single action taken to create this beautiful country, and as such should be stood for.


This basketball coach in the video below explains it beautifully. Thankfully there are a few like him left.

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