It’s hard to imagine Hunter Biden going any lower or being any more arrogant, but it has happened…

Hunter Biden has thumbed his arrogant nose at anyone who calls him out on his corruption and vulgar behavior. He has done things that are off-the-charts unethical, and he’s morally bankrupt. His laptop is a goldmine of disgusting behavior, but Hunter doesn’t care because he’s been getting away with this bad behavior for a long time…why stop now?

During a podcast with someone in the art community, Hunter arrogantly responded to the question of what he would say to his critics. He knows what he’s doing, and it’s been called “genius” in a “very corrupt way” by investigative reporter Peter Schweitzer who has been following the “Biden Crime Family” for years (see below).

“Other than f— ’em?”

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The video clip below reveals so much about how corrupt the Biden crime family has been for so long. It begins with Joe Biden during a debate with President Trump lying about whether Hunter’s laptop is real. Biden lies and says it’s Russian disinformation. Bartiromo begins her interview with Peter Schweitzer by asking him whether the Hunter Biden laptop is real…IT IS

Investigative reporter Peter Schweitzer has been exposing the Biden crime family for years. In the interview with Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures,’ Schweitzer said Hunter Biden’s new “art scheme”  is “genius”…

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He explains that the art market is ‘subjective,” so there’s no questioning what someone pays for it. This is why the art market is full of corruption.

The pieces are priced up to $500k and will be marketed to foreign entities. This scheme is a perfect set-up for the Biden crime family.

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