Wow! It’s hard to believe the German government could be so cruel. Sounds like a clear cut case of racism…or something like that…

There was an uproar yesterday at the Wasserfahrt in Klötze, Germany, as a minibus from the Altmark district passed by the new number 18 block of flats.

afghan refugee flat

Both of the caretakers of the emergency accommodation in Salzwedel brought a total of six people from Afghanistan, a couple with two children and the brother with his wife. They were to have temporary accommodation in Klötze. But the Afghans refused to get off the bus. They just sat there. The reason: in the reception centre where they were housed during their flight, they had been promised a house. They insisted on this and refused to move into the home in the new block of flats.

The two local council employees had no choice but to close the minibus doors and drive with both families back to Salzwedel. There the Afghans were housed once again in the sports hall at the Kollwitz school. In the afternoon, two interpreters tried to discuss the matter with the four adults and two children and explained the alternatives: Klötze or the emergency accommodation. Via: az-online

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