Americans have routinely been told to shut up and believe the government-sponsored narrative. From accepting trial vaccines to trusting the results of a disastrous 2020 election to believing the Rino and Democrat-led j6 narrative, Americans are constantly told how to think by politicians and the media.

Much like obtaining the facts regarding the 2020 election that led to the protest, trying to cut through the J6 narrative to get to the truth has been strenuous.

J6 protestors have been accused of crimes such as seditious conspiracy and obstruction of a government proceeding, all while Pelosi withheld hundreds of hours of actual footage from the day. J6 defendants were nevertheless held in allegedly substandard conditions while government officials and Pelosi’s J6 committee refused to share exculpatory evidence with the defense attorneys or the public who fund government law enforcement through their tax dollars and have a right to judge the facts for themselves. Painting a political narrative that Donald Trump incited a riot rather than pursuing truth and justice appears to be the mission. Fortunately, as evidence is released, that narrative is falling apart. J6 defense attorneys have identified and are now investigating 80 people who appear to be at the core of instigating problems. According to Epoch Times, these 80 “suspicious actors” (SAs) are being investigated as attorneys have had an opportunity to review J6 footage and have noticed that these actors are missing from the FBI’s list and have not been detained. Defense attorneys are analyzing whether or not J6 was actually run as an entrapment operation against the Oath Keepers. The SAs can be seen removing security fencing, breaching police lines, attacking officers, and inciting crowds to storm into the U.S. Capitol. Attorney Brad Geyer listed the 80 people and is wondering if they are government agents or provocateurs. Geyer alleges that these people are seen in video footage operating in a coordinated fashion across the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6, 2021.

Ray Epps encouraged protestors to go into the capitol, but was dropped from the FBI wanted list.

The nation watched as two men were acquitted of an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s unpopular Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer after the jury was asked to consider if the men had been trapped by the FBI agents who helped create a plan to kidnap the Governor and were involved in the plot to carry out the unlawful actions. 

Geyer represents Oath Keeper defendant Kenneth Harrelson and is seeking a court order that would force federal prosecutors to identify the 80 individuals and disclose if they were working for law enforcement or any government entity on January 6. Geyer wrote that the information is exculpatory, which compels the government to produce it. It is believed that other Oath Keeper attorneys will join the motion. Geyer has argued that the prosecutors have failed to disclose exculpatory information in the prosecution of J6 defendants and, according to Epoch Times, are guilty of “burying required exculpatory information among nine terabytes of data.”

On April 12, an Oath Keepers motion was filed alleging that at least 20 “assets” from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were planted in the J6 crowd.

Geyer only recently was able to obtain video footage, and according to his latest court motion shows these suspicious actors using tech equipment that did not suffer from capacity restrictions due to the huge crowds like normal cell phones did. These suspects used earpieces, satellite phones, and other communication equipment.

According to Geyer, they are seen “associating, conferring and traveling with others, engaging in behavior to confuse law enforcement through body masking, facial masking, clothing changes, and disorienting skirmishing behavior. Often it appears that these communications devices do not seem to be affected by capacity restriction or sophisticated jamming that was evident throughout the day,” Geyer wrote in the motion. The motion continues, “If it can be established that these SAs [suspicious actors] were government agents, this could amount to entrapment defense that will dispose of this 7th indictment prior to trial.”

“If it can be established that SAs, even without established government agency, from the west or elsewhere, were let into the Capitol and/or were assisted in opening the Columbus Doors from the inside—a reasonable inference from video evidence—a reasonable jury might conclude that one or more SAs had government sponsorship.”

In addition to withholding evidence, defense attorneys are also finding evidence that the FBI has potentially doctored and destroyed Jan 6, evidence.

In March, the trial of Proud Boy member and defendant Dominic Pezzola had to be paused after attorneys presented evidence that classified FBI messages showed that FBI agents were discussing the altering and destruction of evidence. FBI agent Miller was questioned about her emails and “admitted fabricating evidence and following orders to destroy hundreds of items of evidence,” Pezzola’s lawyers wrote in its motion to dismiss the case. Pezzola is on trial for obstruction and conspiracy charges related to the January 6 Capitol breach. He was arrested on January 15, 2021, and indicted the same month. Pezzola’s trial began in January 2023. 

Attorney Roger Roots addressed the recently discovered FBI messages involving January 6 and said, “There are a couple of emails between FBI agents casually discussing altering a document and destroying hundreds of pieces of evidence. It’s very disturbing, and right now, we have more questions than answers.” Roots used this evidence to support a motion to dismiss the charges against Pezzola. “If justice means anything, it requires this case to be dismissed.” Roots continued, “My thoughts are we need a longer pause to get to the bottom of some of (FBI) Agent Miller’s emails.”

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